Video Review: Ellie Goulding “Flux”

In black-and-white, Ellie Goulding lifts up the silk sheets to cover her naked body on the scattered. Wearing  multiple plain chains around her neck, she twists her head while she sits up.

In the tower, she raises her head as she sits at the piano. Wearing a dress with a ruffle neck, she dances in the room. Rain pours into the tower, soaking her as she plays. The rain pauses as she looks up again. While staring to the right of her, the rain drips from her skin and hair.

Rating: 3/5

Ellie Goulding coughs in bed as she sits up on the bed in the isolated tower. The doctor knocks on the door and asks her in a quiet voice if she’s doing all right. She refuses the hot tea and medication. He tells her she can forgive herself. Her self-imprisonment will only lead to a senseless death.

She doesn’t care. Once the doctor knows the truth, he’d keep her locked inside and conveniently forget. She strips of her dress and covers herself with the silk sheets. The drafty walls freeze her body within minutes. Liquid fills her throat and she gags. Footsteps race down the hall and a nurse enters her room. The nurse pries her mouth open and pours antibiotics down her throat. She says she’ll be back in two hours.

Her voice, scratchy and weak, she calls for help. She bangs the wall, cutting her hand. Screaming, she folds the silk sheet over her wound. Two guards run into the room and put her on the gurney. Her cries settles as she breathes the oxygen and passes out.  In cautious tones, the nurses and doctors say they don’t have much time.

Director: Rianne White Year: 2019

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