Video Review: Cardi B & Bruno Mars “Please Me”

Over a city skyline at night, a message reads: “Somewhere in Los Angeles.” An ambulance siren goes off as it speeds through the street. Another message reads: “After the Party.”

The neon sign at Tacos Mexicano blinks in the middle of the night. The cook turns over tortilla shells while Bruno Mars and his friends talk in a booth. A cashier counts the money as another cook turns over the beef on the grill.

Cardi B and her friends walk into the restaurant, holding lollipops. Mars taps his friend’s arm and points to Cardi B. Cardi B and Mars lock eyes.

Cardi B and her friends dance by the entrance. Her friends lean against the counter. His friends stand by their butts.

Cardi B leans into Mars as they talk by the tiled wall. Mars and his friends dance by the booths. Cardi B talks into the microphone by the cash register. Cardi B and her friends dance on the counter. Mars and his friends sit on the chairs.

Cardi B pulls at Mars’ jacket while she and her friends leave. The groups walks into the parking lot. She lies against the hood of a car as Mars stands next to her. They drive side-by-side in the tunnel. Cardi B and Mars hug in the street.

Rating: 5/5

Bruno Mars orders his carne asada burrito at the Tacos Mexicanos. As he sips his drink, he asks his friend if he thinks Cardi B is going to be coming. His friend heard they might be here soon. He says they had a long conversation at the party and it’s the most they’ve talked.

Cardi B laughs as her friend teases her about Mars in the parking lot. She shrugs, saying she something possibly could be happening between them. However, she adds, they almost kissed. Cardi B pauses as she sees Mars in the booth, gazing at her. He had been her friend for years. She had invited him to some family events. Her mother had told she hoped they would get together someday. Cardi B said he only saw her as a friend. Her mother shook her head no and tells her she needs to pay attention.

Her mother was right. Mars excuses himself from his friends and talks with her in the corner. He holds her hands and pays for her food. They eat together at the booth. He says he’s glad they had the chance to really talk at the party. She looks down and then up at him, saying she likes their friendship. Mars says he doesn’t want to be just her friend anymore. She smiles as she bites into her taco. Some of the meat drops onto her top and she bursts out laughing. Mars reaches over and cleans it with a napkin. He promises he won’t make her eat messy food on their first date. She puts her taco down and while pointing at him, says they are going for buffalo wings. He grins and says “buffalo wings, it is.”

Directors: Bruno Mars & Florent Durand Year: 2019

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