Video Review: Faithless “Salva Mea”

In black-and-white, Maxi Jazz walks through an arch in the street. He carries his radio with him. Some children sit in the street. While he stands on the sidewalk, people walk past him,  holding suitcases and looking straight ahead. He turns around and walks in the opposite direction.

He sits in a doorway of a building in the street, wearing his headphones. He runs in the street. He uses a flashlight as he runs down the narrow, brick walls of the street. He walks around on the rooftop. Leaning against the metal door of a building, he nods his head as he listens to music.

He continues to walk along the street.

Rating: 2/5

Maxi Jazz adjusts the antenna while he stands in the arch in the street. He pauses the tape. They’ll play the song again in another hour. It’s the last of his blank cassettes. As the commercials play, he watches as the businessmen go to work. Sometimes he thinks of going back to an office job. It would mean better pay. However, he would only end up stifled again.

With his headphones over his ears, he sits by the employee entrance of his job as he waits for his shift to start. Some regular customers say hello. Others drop change by him. As of right now, he’s performing in a few small clubs and developing a following. His boss helped him set up studio time to create a demo. He has a couple of cassettes and compact discs to sell at his shows. However, it hasn’t been enough to justify a tour through Europe.

During his shift at the music store, he side-eyes some customers for certain purchases and offers recommendations to others. He creates a playlist and takes some promo cassette singles in the stockroom. At lunch, he walks to the cafe next door. The clerk says he liked his playlist today and asks him what it was. He eats his sandwich and reads the newspaper. He writes down the names of clubs and returns back to work.

Director: Lindy Heymann Year: 1995

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