Video Review: Hailee Steinfeld, Alesso, Florida Georgia Line & watt “Let Me Go (Version 2)

Against a red curtain, Hailee Steinfeld, in a gingham dress. sits on top of a piano on stage and sings.

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, she walk down the stairs of her home. She spins around in the basement. She lies on the red couch and stares up at the night sky. She rolls off the couch and laughs on the floor.

She stands by a floor-length mirror. She crosses her legs as sits on the a couch in the family room. Pouring water in a cup, she smiles and opens a cabinet. She turns in the stool in the kitchen. Swinging her hips, she squirts honey from the container into her tea. While lying on the couch, she blows a kiss.

Rating: 4/5

Hailee Steinfeld squeals as her best friend arrives in her home. She gestures for her to come inside and asks about her drive. Her best friend traffic was horrible and says she wants to show her the remodeling she had done in her kitchen. Her best friend “oohs” and says it’s looks great. Steinfeld points to the paneling and says she used one of her suggestions. Her friend puts her hand over mouth and says she totally forgot about it. Steinfeld explains she liked the idea and asked her interior designer to find a way to use it.

Steinfeld offers to make some tea for her friend. Her best friend puts on some music and dances. Her best friend laughs as she puts almost a whole container of honey in her tea. They sit on the couch and catch up. Her best friend says she started dating a new guy and shows her pictures. Steinfeld says she wants to meet him and they have to plan a day. She starts to scan through her planner on her tablet and suggests she could fly them out to hang out with her. Her best friend says she couldn’t her put her out like that. Steinfeld shrugs, saying it’s gets lonely and it helps to have some friends around once in a while.

Steinfeld shows her friend the recent video she made and asks if she likes it. Her best friend says she loves the clothes but can’t get into the storyline. Steinfeld takes down notes and thanks her for the feedback. She says it’ll help. Her manager is telling her it’s fine but she doesn’t care for it, either. Her best friend says she has to go. Steinfeld hugs her friend goodbye. She says she has to run upstairs for a minute. She returns with a bag of designer clothes and says they are for her. Her best friend thanks her and says she’ll talk over the date with her boyfriend.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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