Video Review: Sarah Connor “Bounce”

Lit in electric blue, Sarah Connor, wearing a bra top and American flag attire pants, she stands by a car in a garage. Adding a jacket to the outfit, she crawls on the car

Wearing a red tube top and monokini,, she leans against the car.

Lit in electric blue, several male dancers join her. She touches her body.

A rapper appears by the car.

Back in electric blue, she dances by herself. The male dancers return and touch her back. She continues to dance with them.

Rating: 1/5

Sarah Connor knows nothing about cars. However, she likes the guys who on them at the shop in her neighborhood. She winks at the front desk clerk and gives him a box of doughnuts. She tells it for the entire staff. The front desk clerk thanks her and puts the doughnuts in cafeteria. A mechanic had warned him about her. He said she’s slept with half the staff. The owner thinks she’s hot and lets it go.

She asks about the owner and he says that he hasn’t arrived yet. She inquires about his schedule, indicating it changed. He responds that he’s not sure why. She mentions he has a lovely wife and two sweet children. He nods and says he isn’t sure the time.

She points to the back and says she’s going to say hi to some of her friends. He hears a couple of hollers of “hello” from the other mechanics. He watches as they hug her. One says he’s going to take his break now and puts his arm around his waist. A second mechanic gives him the thumbs up and he recoils as he sits at his desk.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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