Video Review: Ne-Yo “Champagne Life”

Ne-Yo and his co-workers enter the lounge. He stands by the neutral wall. A newspaper headline reads: “Who are the gentlemen?”

Ne-Yo tugs a man’s pinstripe suit. The newspaper runs the photo and says: “The Gentlemen Take Down The Apollo Crime Family!”

He and his co-workers walk past the tables in the dining area. He slides his foot on the dancefloor.

He pops open a bottle of champagne and his friends toast to their success.

He looks at his watch while a co-worker goes through the glass with the criminal. A co-workers drops ice into the bucket. The newspaper runs of the photo of him at the lounge, stating “Best Dressed Crime Fighters!”

Several women perform a routine on the dancefloor. With two bottles in his hands, he pours champagne over a pyramid of glasses.

Ne-Yo punches out a criminal. The newspaper headline reads: “The Gentlemen Produce City’s Lowest Crime Rate Ever.”

A young woman dances with Ne-Yo. His co-workers join him on the dancefloor.

During a press conference at the courthouse, Ne-Yo and his co-workers are presented with a plaque. The headline of the newspaper reads: “The City Loves A Gentleman!”

Ne-Yo and his co-workers sit at a table. He stares at a young woman across from him. One of her friends waves to Ne-Yo.

People hold up champagne bottles as they stand with Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo and his co-workers toast one another.

Ne-Yo raises his glass to the young woman sitting with her friends.

Rating: 3/5

Ne-Yo and his co-workers walk into the lounge. The people clap for them. The lounge owner says the bottle service is on the house. Ne-Yo nods. The lounge was a target of some of the criminals in the area. It was almost burned down. However, Ne-Yo and his co-workers were able to thwart it.

A young woman asks to dance with one of his co-workers. She says she’s indebted to the men. They believed her when the police didn’t. They say they were glad to be of help. The police in city were corrupt and often had side deals with the criminals. They no longer served the citizens.

Ne-Yo and his friends didn’t like what was happening. Some of their friends had been victimized and their crimes went unreported. The media was behind them, though. Their reports of investigations into police officers dug into years-long cover-ups and reassignments. They had to do something.

Journalists hailed them as the city’s heroes. The mayor offered them official positions in their crime unit. They had cleaned house and needed people they could trust. Ne-Yo and his co-workers took the positions. They could finally change their city.

Director: N/A Year: 2010

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