Video Review: Nicki Minaj “Barbie Tingz”

Against a white background, wearing black, low-cut bra top, boy shorts and leather boots, she walks around. She returns wearing a leopard print top and thong.

She turns her head, manipulated by the strings attached to her. Three people perform a routine.

In a pink dress, she puts her arms around the men standing by her.

In a 19th century gown, she stands and waits. Several women, wearing masks over their faces, walk towards her. They dance with her.

In an oversized minidress, she walks on the floor. A second young woman joins her.

Back in the low-cut bra top, boy shorts and leather boots, she and several women dance with her.

In silhouette, two people walk over an enlarged women sitting on the floor. A man, on stilts, dances with her. People hold Minaj’s masks over their faces.

Minaj sits on the floor, in her low-cut sports bra and boy shorts.

Rating: 1.5/5

Nicki Minaj is Athletic Barbie. She comes with her own set of pink bar bells and tough girl attitude. Together, with her friends, they work out at the Barbie Gym with locker room and equipment. The high heels are not a mistake. It’s the only way she works out. She sets the dial to the lowest speed and walks on the treadmill. This Barbie refuses to get sweaty or messy!

Nicki Minaj is 19th Century Royal Barbie. It’s a limited edition and will only be available for a few weeks. As 19th Century Barbie, she rules the land with arrogance and greed. To her subjects in the grotesque masks, she calls out “let them eat cake!” (Cake sold separately). Get the complete experience with 19th Century Royal Barbie Castle. A neon pink painted castle with moat and elevator.

Puppet Barbie, though, is the most anticipated and fun release of the year. Pull the cord and Puppet Barbie will exaggerate her worth and mock her competition. She’ll also profess her love for questionable men and rap (only rap available). There are plenty in stock! Hurry!

Directors: Giovanni Bianco & Nicki Minaj Year: 2018

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