Video Review: INXS “Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)”

The sun shines over the Moon Plain in Coober Pedy, Australia. Michael dances in the sand. To the right, Kirk plays the guitar. Michael turns and Andrew plays the keyboard in front of him. Tim pumps his fist while he plays guitar on the left. Garry walks as he plays his guitar. Jon plays the drums.

Garry walks away from Michael. Kirk plays in front of Michael and spots Michael heading towards him. A street sign reads “110.” A train speeds down the tracks. At a bonfire, they play together as the sun sets. Jon blinks while the sand flies into his eyes. The headlights of a car flash while Michael continues to dance .

In the morning, Michael kicks the sand while the smoke billows in the background.

Rating: 4/5

Michael, Tim, Garry, Kirk and Andrew drink a beer as they eat at an underground bed and breakfast. Michael says he wants to feed some kangaroos at Josephine’s Gallery. Andrew says he wants to bring some art home to his wife. While Andrew shops at the gallery, Michael pets the kangaroo as he feeds him the bottle. He asks the owner the age of the kangaroo. The owner says about four weeks. Andrew pays and says he’s ready to go. Michael pets the kangaroo and says he wishes he could take him on tour.

Kirk asks if they can help deliver mail. Garry laughs and says his parents took him every summer. In the mail truck, they talk with the tour guide, pointing out certain area and sharing memories. The tour guide grins as Kirk says he made his parents take him every time they were in the area. He had the speech memorized. Tim asks the tour guide where she grew up. Andrew says they went to the same school but graduated during different years. The tour guide says she remembers him. At the end of the tour, they tell her they had a great time catching up. She says it was nice break to actually talk with the people she sees.

Garry says before they go to the desert, they have to see Old Timer’s Mine. Garry examines the opal and buys a handful of souvenirs. Michael and Tim watch the demonstrations and say they couldn’t work in the mines. Kirk taps Garry at the noodling pit and says they have to go. Garry asks where they are going to next. Michael says they are going to camp out on the Moon Plain. They are going to get some food from the store on their way.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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