Video Review: Rita Ora & 6lack “Only Want You”

In the backseat of a car, Rita Ora says on the phone: “So she smiled? That’s so cute!” She apologizes for not being there. Her driver pulls up into the parking lot of a diner. She tells her friend that she just got off work and vents about the article she read about herself on the internet. She shuts the car door and hits her arm against her sides. She paces back and forth then decides to go inside.

Sitting in the diner, she gestures for some coffee. She dumps out of the contents of her purse and finds a compact mirror. She takes off her sunglasses and looks at it. She watches as a couple kiss by the counter as a male server takes orders. A female server (also Ora) puts on order on the wheel. Paparazzi crowd up at the window and take pictures of her. She puts on her sunglasses while the paparazzi enter the diner.

The female server takes Ora’s hand and leads her through the kitchen. The female server yells at them to go away and shoos them out of the door, allowing Ora to leave. Behind the counter, she laughs with a customer and nods as one of the cooks yells at her. Her boss touches her butt and she looks around to see if it was him.She sighs as she sees the dollar and change left on the counter. The cook chews her out again and then bumps into her as she heads for a table.

Ora peeks through the lacy red curtains at the crowd. She walks up to the microphone and performs.

The female server dances behind the counter and cleans up Ora’s table. She finds a card that reads “Phoenix.” The female server leaves her job to attend Ora’s show. She cries as Ora finishes the song. Ora sees her and tears fall from her face.

Rating: 5/5

Rita Ora gestures for the female server to approach the stage. Ora sits on the stage and talks to the female server. The female server says it was so nice to meet her and didn’t like what happened to her at the diner. Ora says she’s grateful for what she did and invites her backstage to hang out.

Ora introduces her to her band and asks if she wants some champagne. The female serves says she would like a glass. Ora asks her how long she’s worked at the diner. The female server says about two years too long. She likes the customers but her male co-workers are creeps. Her boss usually feels her up as he walks behind her. Ora clinks her glass with hers and says she feels the same way. She whispers a story to her about one of her ex-boyfriends. Crossing her legs over her knees, she says “it took me five years to recover from his destruction.” The female server gasps, saying she had read about it and hopes one of the next ones to go down. Ora says she’s going to have a wait a little while. He’s going to have stop making people money first.

The female server says she just left and that she may be fired tomorrow. But she stopped caring a long time ago. She says she’s thinking of working in a store or something for a change. Ora gets out her phone and asks if she’s on social media. The female server says she’s on Instagram. Ora asks her for her username to add her. The female server says it and checks her phone. Ora smiles as she looks at the female server’s photos of her dogs. She shows the female server some photos of her dog from her phone. Her manager tells her it’s time to go. Ora says she’ll stop by the diner sometime tomorrow. The female server says it was so awesome to meet her. Ora grins and tells her she’ll look for her comments.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2019

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