Video Review: Dean Lewis “7 Minutes”

At night, Dean Lewis opens his car door and watches a leaf land on it. He holds it and gets inside.

As he drives, he glances at the parking lot of the ice cream shop. He parks and watches as he and his girlfriend dance with their ice cream cones.

In the road, he swerves to avoid to hitting a bed. He sits on the bed, looking at his phone. She shouts at him and he rolls over. To the left, he sees her walking away from him during another argument. Lit in scarlet red, he stands on the sidewalk.

He glances to the left to see them laughing and talking on the couch. She leaps onto his back as they walk by the movie theater. They sit at the curb. He points to her tattoo and she rests her head on his shoulder. At the traffic stop, he sees a pink balloon fly in the air and pop.

They argue at the diner. She walks out and he watches as someone picks her up. In his rearview mirror, he sees her dab her eyes with tissue.

In the morning, he stops at her house. She meets him in her driveway. He sees a young man walk to the door and look at them. She gives her hands and he holds them. He turns to glance at her as he walks to his car. She gives him a small smile and watches him leave. He turns on his engine and drives off.

Rating: 4/5

Dean Lewis holds his ex-girlfriend’s ice cream cone as she pays. She says it’s good to be back to the ice cream shop. She hasn’t been there in months. He looks down, thinking of the multiple times he drove past it, seeing them together. He says they added a couple new flavors. She says she graduated in the fall and that her dad showed up. He congratulates her and says he can’t believe her dad even came. She shakes her head, telling him that she didn’t expect it, either. But she adds, she got in touch with him after they broke up. It was one of things she wanted to fix.

He swings his head on the hood of his car as they eat their ice cream cones. She asks if he’s seeing anyone. He says they were a couple of girls but nothing serious. She says she’s single. He asks her what happened with the other guy. She says it was a rebound and that she was heartbroken after their breakup. He apologizes for being an inattentive boyfriend and he drove her away.

She says it’s no one fault. She could’ve been nicer to him. He says he wishes he could go back and change things. She nods, saying she would like to do the same and asks him what he would he do instead. He tells her he wouldn’t let her walk away from him at the diner. She says she would’ve talked to him after he came over her house. She throws her napkins in the garbage can and says she has to go. He gives her a hug and says it was good to see her. She says they’ll hang out again. He waves to her as she leaves the parking lot.

Director: Stevie Russell Year: 2019

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