Video Review: Jasmine Guy “Try Me”

A person stamps Jasmine Guy’s hand. She dances by her two friends at the club. A young man gazes at her  while she walks on the platform. She crosses her arms across her chest as he strokes his girlfriend’s hair.

She and her friends dance. His girlfriend covers his eyes. A second young man lifts her up in the air. The young man pulls her hand down. His girlfriend walks to her and yells at her. He continues to watch Guy dance. Guy and his girlfriend dance together. His girlfriend dances near the corner and Guy slides underneath her legs. His girlfriend almost trips and Guy washings her hands of her.

Guy walks to the center of the dance floor. The men follow her and they begin a routine.

His girlfriend approaches her again. They dance again and she puts her jacket on his girlfriend’s shoulder. The young man stands bemused in the corner.

Rating: 2/5

Jasmine Guy smiles as she looks of the piece of paper with the young man’s name and phone number. She shows it to her best friends and asks if she should call him. One of her best friends reminds her that he has a girlfriend. She says it’s not a big deal and that he actually likes her. Her second best friend tells her to be careful. Guy asks for advice as to what to say to him.

Guy holds her books to her chest as she walks around campus. His girlfriend bumps into her and tells her to back off. Guy says she doesn’t have any plans to leave him alone. His girlfriend says she knows his family and is close to him. Guy smirks and examines his girlfriend’s hand, saying “but there’s no ring.” The girlfriend walks away, tears in her eyes.

Guy and the young man talk for hours. He invites her for coffee. Coffee leads to lunch and he asks her if she wants to come up to his apartment. She shrugs and says yes. They make out for a while and he says he broke up with his girlfriend just for her. She lays in his arms and he says he loves her.

His parents invite her to their summer home. He demands a server to be fired at the diner. His parents demean service people at the desk. He gestures for her to keep moving. She bit her lip and told her mother she was having a great time. In the cab ride back home, she tells him it’s over.

By the cafeteria, she sees his ex-girlfriend by herself, paying for her dinner. Guy walks up to her and says she’s sorry. His ex-girlfriend glares at her and continues to walk to her table. She says they are both better off and asks if she wants to sit with her friends today. His ex-girlfriend says she’ll think about it. Guy says she’s always welcome to join them.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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