Video Review: Nelly Furtado “Maneater (US Version)”

A stray dog walks down the stairs and Toby follows. Nelly Furtado calls out for her dog, Toby. Toby walks down the stairs of a building. At the aluminum fence, she takes off her jacket and moves through the ripped area. She sees him walk down the corner and glances at the walls.

Moving the curtain, she sees a crowd of people gathered throughout the room. A twentysomething man leaves his spot and stares at her with glowing eyes. She begins to dance.

She dances by herself at a pockmarked wall.

As she swings her arms over her head and points to them, they sit on the ground. One young woman kicks up her leg.

Inside a scarlet red lit section with a glass wall, people walk past each other. Lit in siren red, people climb the fence while she walks down the stairs. She pulls at the fence with her fingers.

Wearing a tank top, she dances by a streak fire at night.

She takes off her t-shirt in the section with the glass wall and spins around.

Carrying a black knit shawl, she walks down a hallway. While the sun rises, she dances on the rooftop of the building. She lifts up her tank top and rubs her stomach.

She walks through another and finds her dog crouched by the stairs. She smiles as she grabs his leash and walks back home.

Rating: 3/5

Nelly Furtado had petted the stray dog and said she was a good girl. The stray had run off and Toby barked. The leash had slipped from her fingers. It was a small relief she was able to see him walk into a building. There was at least a chance she could find him.

The building had closed years ago. It had been prominent in the city at the time, housing major companies. However, as the city went bankrupt, the companies returned to the suburbs. Rumors had it hazardous waste had been dumped there. Lights flash in some rooms and she walks inside.

She turns her head as she sees people standing with theirs arm folded. She asks them if they have seen her dog. They respond with glowing eyes. The radiation seems to have turned them into hollow beings. She starts to dance. They bow down to her. The leader manages a few words. A second man points to the stairwell.

She takes a wrong turn and climbs some stairs to the roof. Toby is there somewhere. Her nerves rattled, she dances on the rooftop to calm herself down. Tired and sweaty, she calls out his name again and turns right. She hears a whine and races to the stairwell. Toby licks her face. She tells him they’ll go home and he can eat all the treats he wants.

Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2006

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