Video Review: Mariah Carey “A No No”

Mariah Carey walks onto the bubblegum pink and baby blue painted subway train in New York City. In a powder blue mink coat and a teal dress,  she holds onto the pole in the middle of the train. A screen appears above her. In the top screen, a thirtysomething man in a suit sits in one of the seats. On the bottom screen, a twentysomething man reads the newspaper.

A young woman in a leopard print outfit boards the train and watches two twentysomething men dance.

Wearing a rose pink fur coat and a sequined sky blue dress with a butterfly pin, she sits in the one of the seats. A few seats over, a young man holds his boombox. She holds onto the pole while several people dance.

A young woman wearing a white crop top and pants dances. A second twentysomething man in a floral printed shirt adjusts the collar. Two shirtless male twins walk towards to the camera. A third twentysomething man, wearing a robe, takes off his glasses.

Carey talks to to two children. Walking by herself, she rolls her eyes and uses air quotes.

A third twentysomething man holds his goldfish bowl. A man with tattooed face dances. A thirtysomething man checks her out. A twentysomething woman wearing pigtails blows a bubble with her gum. A fourth twentysomething man dances with an oversized teddy bear.

Wearing a metallic jacket over her sequined dress, she holds onto the pole.

Rating: 4/5

Mariah Carey waits for the 7 a.m. train. She takes out an antibacterial wipe from her sequined clutch and cleans the seat. Holding the pole, she reads the graffiti strewn on the chairs and views the posters. She waves at the young woman wearing the leopard print outfit. The young woman walks to her and says she still has some wine left. Carey takes the half-empty bottle of wine from her while the young woman takes out plastic cups from her purse. Carey pours two glasses and gives one to the young woman. They clink their plastic cups.

A little girl compliments Carey on her dress. She says thank you. The little girl asks if she’s a dancer. Carey giggles and says she dressed up to hang out with her friends. The little girl says goodbye to her and leaves with her younger brother.

A twentysomething man turns on his boombox and starts to dance. Carey moves to side to side in her seat and holds up her cup of wine. One of the young men asks her to dance. She shakes her leg and says her feet hurt. Getting out her phone, she films people dancing and posts it online. While she walks, a twentysomething man tells her to watch it and says she’s endangering his pet. She rolls her eyes as she sees it’s a goldfish. She asks where the young man got the oversized teddy bear. He says he won it at Coney Island. She asks for his picture.

The train creaks at the station and she listens for the announcement of her stop. She blows kisses to the passengers and leaves.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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