Video Review: Rod Stewart “Young Turks”

The street lights light up in the city. A single car drives past the alley. In the early morning, Billy climbs down the fire escape of his apartment building and walks to the bridge. Patti sits by the wall, her head between her knees. She sees him and gives him a hug. A crowd of people dance behind them. She leaps on his back and he runs.

She drinks some coffee at the diner and leans into him. A seventysomething man frowns at them. A twentysomething man taps Billy on the shoulder and gestures for them to join them. Patti urges Billy to stop at the crosswalk. They run down the sidewalk as the people continue to dance.

His friends dance on top of cars while Rod Stewart performs. A thirtysomething man points to two people sitting on his windshield. Billy and Patti put their arms around each other and watch Stewart. Several people push Billy and Patti to the Hotel Hayward. Billy pays for a room. Patti stitches up his ear.

In a split screen, two members of Stewart’s band perform on the left. To the right, people clap as Stewart sings by the train station. It switches to a young man dancing by himself at the station on the left.

Billy waits for Patti as they walk on the train tracks. A young man delivers the mail. A police officer dances. Billy’s parents read the letter. Billy and Patti hold hands as they walk on the train tracks at night. The people dance around Stewart. Billy and Patti hug.

Rating: 3/5

Billy signs the lease and says he and his girlfriend, Patti will be moving in soon. It was in another state. Back at home, Patti was working at her parents’ restaurant. Her parents believed it was puppy love and he would go away. Her mom condescended to his mom during an interview for an interview. She said she would get back to her if she needed someone. The call never came. His mom followed up and was told management was unavailable. She left a message.

Patti says she can’t leave her parents. She doesn’t know what they will do for money. Billy says she can’t work at the restaurant for the rest of her life. Patti nods, saying she hates the hours. He tells her they’ll find something better on their own.

Over tacos and refried beans, Billy says they have the apartment. He asks her about her next night off. She says tomorrow. He gives her a kiss and says they need to pack. Patti takes her favorite tops and jeans in a duffel bag. She picks a few pictures of her parents and puts them in the bag. Billy picks up her and she loads up his car.

Billy schmoozes some clients at a baseball game. He discusses what his construction business can offer as the star player of the local team hits a home run. Patti lifts her head up from her textbook as she hears the door open. She asks him about the meeting. He says they have the job. She hugs him and tells him it’s wonderful. While Patti sleeps, he writes to Patti’s parents, saying they are okay. He says she’s passing her classes and will be graduating soon. He says he’s been taking care of her and wanted to let them know they are okay. However, he asks them to leave them alone. If they have any questions, they can talk to his mother.

Director: Russell Mulcahy Year: 1981

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