Video Review: Lauv & Troye Sivan “I’m So Tired…(Version 2)”

At night, Troye Sivan puts his arm out the window as Lauv drives. They pass by a gas station. Lauv points to the street while Sivan taps his hands on the dashboard. Lauv bobs his head and makes a left. They talk at a traffic light.

They play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who pumps the gas. Sivan sees a couple making out by the wall. Sivan laughs as Lauv shakes his head. Sivan raises his hands by the windshield. They dance to the music and stop at a convenience store. They see another couple kissing in the parking lot.

Sivan tosses a fly over the windshield as Lauv turns left. Lauv honks the horn at the couples making out at the wall. Sivan and Lauv dance. Sivan gives them the finger and shares his fries with Lauv. Lauv backs up and pulls out of the parking lot.

Rating: 4/5

Troye Sivan sways his head to the music as Lauv drives. Sivan explains that on his last date, the guy said he had been to one of his concerts. He told him it was great and the guy goes into a detailed analysis of how he should represent the LGBTQ community. Sivan says he nodded and shook the guy’s hand. He saw part of the guy’s tattoo. The guy pulled up his shirt and it was a picture of his face. “The guy knew the exact photo shoot and magazine cover.” Sivan thanked him and then gave the description to his security team.

Lauv tells him that’s too bad. Sivan says he wants to meet someone normal for once. Lauv says he needs to get some gas. They play a game to choose who has to pump the gas. Sivan points to a couple making out, says they have their very own porn show to watch. Lauv giggles. Sivan says he’s so hungry. He left the date before he could eat.

Lauv pulls into a drive-through. Sivan orders a hamburger combo with fries. Lauv groans as he sees another couple kissing in public. Sivan rolls his eyes and says it’s annoying. Lauv tells him he’ll find someone. Sivan asks “when?” Lauv shrugs, saying “someday.” Sivan thinks it’s never going to happen. Lauv tells him it will. Sivan sighs as he rests his head against the seat.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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