Video Review: Bangles “Walking Down Your Street”

A television host says it’s time to announce the winner of the neighborhood band contest. He points to the screen and says “voted by you.” Susanna, Vicki, Debbie and Michael squirm as they listen. Debbie grabs some popcorn from the bowl as he states that the band will be the opening act for Little Richard in Los Angeles, California. He says the winners are “The Love Beats!” Debbie screams. Michael and Susanna hug. Vicki jumps on the bed. Debbie knocks the bowl of popcorn on the bed. They have a pillow fight.

Michael packs her guitar. Susanna calculates the amount of food for her fish and then dumps it all in the bowl. Debbie takes a brown paper bag of food from her mother. Vicki struggles with getting her luggage out of the door.

They leave the upper peninsula of Michigan. Debbie tries to read the map. Susanna sleeps on Debbie’s shoulder. Michael and Vicki share an apple. Their van breaks down in a rural area and they sit by the road, waiting for help. A thirtysomething man (Randy Quaid) smiles and dances in his car. They shake their heads “no.”

In Los Angeles, a young man hands Vicki a ticket. The back of the van opens and Susanna falls out with their luggage. Susanna laughs. A photographer takes their picture as they walk into the hotel. Their manager reads them the itinerary.

Vicki opens the door of the dressing room. Little Richard stops by and tells them “there is nothing like you for the whole show.” They perform on stage. Little Richard watches backstage and checks his watch. He gestures for them to end the song. He walks up to Debbie and taps her on the arm. Debbie smiles as she plays the drums. He rolls his eyes as the audience sings along. They continue to play.

Rating: 3/5

The Love Beads return home with a contract. Susanna tells her friends that they met Little Richard and he was really nice. However, he seemed standoffish as they left. Debbie says they met other celebrities after the show. Vicki says they signed thousands of autographs. A friend asks if they are planning to move Los Angeles. They glance at one another and Susanna says. “it’s a possibility.”

They perform a few shows in between and save up for their next trip to California. Their manager says the record company needs an answer. Susanna says “yes!” A month later, they receive plane tickets in the mail. On the plane ride, Susanna leans over Debbie’s arm and looks out the window. Vicki catches up on her reading while Michael figures out their schedule.

During a meeting with public relations specialists, they practice answering questions. The publicists help them lose their Midwestern accents. One of the publicists says they are going to style meeting next to determine their look. Debbie frowns at her matronly outfits chosen for her. Susanna says she loves the trendy shorts and t-shirt. Vicki scoffs at the dress while Michael puts on the denim and t-shirt without complaint.

At the industry event, Susanna talks with the reporters. Debbie chats with some producers. Vicki flirts with some songwriters and Michael takes every drink handed to her. Back at the hotel, Susanna says it was really fun. Vicki says they have a showcase tomorrow and she doesn’t know if she can get through it. Debbie orders room service as Michael snores next to her.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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  1. Randy Quaid just doesn’t dance in his car, he does the mimic of the moves they had in the Walk like an egyptian’s video.

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