Video Review: Gesaffelstein “Reset”

A twentysomething man in a hoodie He rubs his hands together and raps in a parking lot. A twentysomething woman dances. People stand behind him, dancing. A second twentysomething man crouches on the ground and puts his fingers to to his lips.

A man with pink hair and chains and face tattoos sneers. A man with rainbow hair and chains hooked to his teeth starts a fight. One of the twentysomething men pulls him away. He takes the chains out of his mouth and continues to rap.

Lit in electric blue, a young woman shakes her butt on the hood of the car. Several women dance solo in the parking lot. A third twentysomething man holds up some chains and people slam against each other in the group. At night, the metallic Gesaffelstein statue raises its head

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man wearing a hoodie performs his freestyles in the parking lot every weekend. He books himself small clubs and visits New York at least twice a month. He shakes his head at the other twentysomething men’s verses. The words meaning nothing to them. He heads out early for the night shift at the warehouse. While on break at work, he studies his English textbooks and diagrams sentences. He has a class at the community college after work and needs to pass it.

The second twentysomething man pairs up with two other people in the group and marries an aspiring female rapper. His wife talks about their romance on social media and built up a following. Her first single release is expected within the year. His group has featured on some mixtapes. He and his group are signing their record contract in the morning.

The third twentysomething man with face tattoos sings more than he raps. He spews slurs at the crowd, mocking rap and plays his guitar in the corner. He posts his freestyle on SoundCloud and stares at his stats all night. He talks to his fans on Twitter and thanks his supporters for contributing to his Patreon.

The group keeps its distance from the man with the rainbow hair. He’s had multiple arrests and most people believe he’s killed a few people. He proclaims he’s the best and curses at the crowd. Some people whisper he has a court date coming up. However, they speculate he will go free.

Director: Manu Cossu Year: 2018

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