Video Review: Jennifer Rush “Heart Over Mind”

The Heart Over Mind pages’ flip in the wind. Jennifer Rush turns on the headlights as she drives underneath the full moon. She changes gears and travels at 60 miles per hour. She passes a “slow” sign and reads a billboard for a Technics concert hanging over the highway. She speeds up to 90 and 120 miles per hour.

Parking her car, she dances barefoot on the beach. A light flashes from the lighthouse. During the thunderstorm, she sits in a restaurant and looks out the window. Sketched men sit at the counter.

She walks by the railroad crossing as it rains. As it approaches midnight, she sits at the train station. Back on the beach, she kicks the door to close it and dances on the sand.

Rating: 3/5

Jennifer Rush puts the hardbound novel in her purse. The young woman had the courage to take chances and leave her entire life behind for love. For too long, she had lived life on other people’s terms. The young woman broke up two marriages, traveled to another country, and scraped by for months. However, the man she loved supported her and returned her feelings.

Rush realized she’d never done anything risky in her life. She adhered to a strict schedule and dated the same man for many years. She dabbled in drawing but dared not to show it to anyone. But now was the time to take control of her life. With sketchbook in hand, she sits in diners and draws.  She stays overnight in hotels and talks with some of the regular guests. Somewhere in New York, she had a fling with a businessman. The kisses meant nothing but she could no longer go back to who she was before.

The businessman had seen some of her sketches during their affair and forwarded them to an art gallery owner. he  She had talked to a couple of artists and received an encouraging response. Although she promised herself she’d leave New York within a few months, she decided to stay. The businessman left his wife and bought her an apartment on the Upper West Side. She sketched during her walks in the park and was published in a few magazines. Free of any stress, she lived her life as she wanted.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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