Video Review: Khalid “Talk”

Inside a bubblegum pink box, Khalid leans against the wall. Next to him, a young woman folds her arms in the orange painted box. In teal painted box, a young woman sits on a couch while two people stand in front and behind her. The color rotates to royal blue.

In a second pink box, a young man shows off his ring while his wife laughs. Against a ruby-red background, a twentysomething naked pregnant holds her belly. All the boxes are displayed.

With lights outlining a square, Khalid dances. Khalid claps his hands while he stands next to a car in a second orange box.

The young woman dances against a royal blue background. A young man dances against mustard yellow background. Inside the teal box, a second twentysomething woman dances by the mirror. Wearing pink headphones, a third twentysomething woman listens to headphones on her bed. The color changes to a mustard yellow as the young woman continues to dance.

Khalid dances inside a second aqua box. Three balloons decorate the box. Confetti falls as the husband and wife hug. Smoke fills the backgrounds as the people dance inside the box. The people in the orange box clap as they leave. The empty boxes stand.

Rating: 2/5

Khalid smiles at his crush while she walks by. She waves and grins back at him. It elates him. Perhaps today they’ll have conversation. He really likes her and thinks they’ll have a great relationship. Something is going to happen soon between them. He tells his friends that they shared a moment.

The young woman think he’s nice but there’s another guy she likes, too. Although she wouldn’t turn Khalid down if he asked her out, she wouldn’t really be into it. He’s a good friend and fun to hang out with after class.

Khalid asks the young woman as his date to his friend’s wedding. She says yes. They dance and he says he’s falling in love with her. The young woman says thank you and excuses herself. He thinks she was nervous and not expecting it. However, he had to tell her how he felt about her. His friend tells him he’s glad he met her and asks him how it’s going. He says it’s okay.

He waits for her at the table while a group of people dance together. She sits down next to him and apologizes. She says she has to go and tells him she had a great time. He offers to drive her. She says that it’s okay and she was able to get a friend to pick her up. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and says she’ll see him around.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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