Video Review: Benny Blanco,Tainy, Selena Gomez & J Balvin “I Just Can’t Enough”

Selena Gomez, wearing pink pajamas, rests her head on giant pillow. She opens her eyes while she continues to lay down. She giggles as she walks barefoot on the sheet. Tainy gets up as Gomez stops by him. He pushes her on the sheet and she runs ahead.

Tainy passes a silver chain and passes by J Balvin. Tainy does a cartwheel as Balvin follows behind him. Gomez smiles them and walks away. As she dances on the sheet, a teddy bear (Benny Blanco) walks towards her. She and the teddy bear look at one another. They both touch each other’s arms. She pokes the teddy bear in the belly. They both dance and Gomez pushes the teddy bear down.

Gomez stands by herself. Tainy runs behind her. Tainy, Gomez, Balvin and the teddy bear jump up and down on the bed.

Rating: 5/5

Selena Gomez watches her legs bend and her jaw drops. The tinny sound from her throat causes her to gasp. Tainy exclaims they can talk and move. Gomez asks how they moved from the shelf. Balvin shrugs and says it might be magic.

The teddy bear gets up and pokes Gomez in the arm. Gomez whispers to Balvin that she’s scared of it. Balvin pets it and the teddy bear cuddles by him. He tells the teddy bear its the favorite toy out of all of them. Gomez asks about young woman who lived in the room. Tainy says he thinks she moved out. He points to the wall and says all her posters are gone. She asks “what happens to us now?” and begins to cry. Balvin puts his arm around her and says it’ll be okay. She says she doesn’t want to end up in a box somewhere in a basement. Tainy says it won’t happen to them.

The teddy bear snuggles by Gomez and plops down on its belly. Gomez gives the teddy bear belly rubs. Balvin says the young woman may come back and get them. He suggests that there was too much for her to pack. Gomez wipes her eyes and says she wants to stay.

The young woman walks into her bedroom with her mom and the toys freeze. The young woman picks them up and says the teddy bear is coming with her. She says she’ll sell the Balvin and Tainy dolls on the internet. She asks about the Gomez doll. She says it’s a give it away. Her mom says their niece could use some new toys. The young woman packs the dolls in a box and carries it out of her bedroom.

Director: Jake Schrier Year: 2019

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