Video Review: Mary J. Blige & Eve “Not Today”

At Calvin’s Barbershop, featured in the 2004 film, Barbershop 2: Back in Business, a young woman sits in a chair and says “all men cheat and if y’all aren’t cheating, then you’re thinkin’ about cheating.” One of the barbers says that “in my country, a man has more than one woman” and that “he’s considered a king.” Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer) responds that “in this country, he’s considered a pimp.” The young woman puts her hands over little boy’s ears. Eddie spells out pimp and the young woman says “my girl got engaged a month ago and her man has already started cheating on her.” Her little boy plays with the Etch-A-Sketch.

Mary J. Blige puts a CD in the player in the car as she drives. She and Eve bob their heads as they listen to music in her car.

A young man and woman argue outside of Calvin’s barbershop. One of the barbers watches from the window and gestures for Eddie to come over. Blige parks the car and they get out. They lean against the car and dance.

The little boy plays with his camera, which features images of Blige dancing by the Chicago Bail and Bond store and Eve near some apartments. Eddie takes pictures with his camera.

Blige and Eve sit on a white couch against a red background.

The little boy clears his Etch-A-Sketch. Eve and Blige walk into Calvin’s shop. Calvin tells the little boy to “come on up” and that “Lord knows, you really need a haircut. You look like one of those Boondock boys.” Blige and Eve sit in the chairs.

Rating: 2.5/5

Mary J. Blige touches her split ends in the mirror and says she needs to get her hair cut. Eve suggests Calvin’s Barbershop. It’s a local business that’s been around a long time. Blige says her grandfather used to go there all the time. Her grandfather and Calvin would talk all afternoon. Eve says Calvin passed a couple of years ago and the son took over. She says she’s been trying to get a job there for a while. However, she adds, the spots go quick.

As they wait in the shop, Blige jumps in the conversation. She says she dealt with some men who cheated on her. She says the young woman’s friend knows but doesn’t want to admit it. The young woman says she’s right. Eve says that’s why she’s single. She doesn’t want some guy taking her money and leaving her for another woman. Blige says she’ll find someone. Eve says she really doesn’t care. One of the barbers checks her out and she turns her head.

The barber whispers to Eddie that Calvin needs to hire Eve already. Eddie says Calvin’s still undecided about it. The barber says she can do the job. Eddie tells him that he’s only saying it because he likes her.

Eve gets up from the chair and asks to speak to Calvin. Eddie says he’s not in today. Eve folds her arms across her chest and says he was supposed to let her know about the job. Eddie says sometimes it takes about  a week. Eve finds some scissors and spray. She asks Blige to sit in the chair. Blige says okay. Eve asks her about how she wants her hair. Blige describes the cut. Eddie says she can’t do that. Blige tells him just give her the job. Eddie says he doesn’t have the authority. Eve finishes the cut. A person waiting says she wants Eve.

Eddie says she can stay for one more hour and he’ll talk to Calvin. Eve says for him to add her to the schedule. Eddie goes into the office and gets a clipboard. She discusses her available days with him. Eve says she’ll be back to open tomorrow.

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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