Video Review: Eden xo “Too Cool To Dance”

Eden xo sits with her two parents in the family room. They eat their television dinners as they watch sitcom reruns. She puts on her headphones and listens to music.

She stands against floral wallpaper in a matching outfit. She opens the curtain and smiles as she sees her neighbor ride by on his skateboard. She lounges by the pool in the backyard.

The garage door pulls up and her friends say hello. She and her friends dance in the street. Her father floats in the pool while her mother sits in a lounge chair across from her. Two thirtysomething women move their arms in the pool.

Rain drips as she stands behind a glass partition in the backyard. She performs on the front lawn. Her neighbors dance next to her. She and her friends finish their routine in the street.

Rating: 2/5

Eden xo shivers in her tank top. She pulls a hoodie over head and watches the snow fall in her backyard. She posts a video of herself performing a current song on Youtube. She checks the stats as she studies for her chemistry class. Her parents watch a rerun of a Dick Wolf drama in the family room.

Eden xo goes over to her boyfriend’s house after class. They make out for an hour and go out for dinner at a diner. She gripes about Youtube’s algorithm as they eat a family restaurant. He complains the lettuce is spoiled and says the food is far from homemade. She picks at her overcooked fish and tells him she thinks it’s good.

Back at home, she reads through travel guides for Europe. She saves a picture of Big Ben to her desktop and watches a foreign movie on her laptop. Her mother calls her to help with the dishes. She tells her mother she’ll be there in a few moments and glances at the textbooks on her floor. Maybe she’ll move to London someday. Even New Jersey would be a decent consolation.

Director: Sarah McColgan Year: 2014

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