Video Review: Major Lazer, Cashmere Cat & Tory Lanez “Miss You (Version 2)”

Cashmere Cat kisses his dog on the head and waves its paw. He performs on stage. On social media, he adds a “Greetings from Los Angeles” graphic next to his picture of a cut red pepper on the table. He throws a knife into the pepper.

At night, Tory Lanez raps into his phone as he stands on the hotel balcony. A dog has animated devil horns on its head. Diplo makes a torn leaf talk. At 4:12 a.m., a young woman swings her hands. Diplo practices archery at his house and dances on the second floor. Cashmere Cat performs on stage.

A shirtless Lanez tips his hat. Cashmere Cat watches his dog walk in the pool. A second young woman squirts water on a third woman’s butt. Lanez smiles as his dog stands by him. Diplo runs in the snow. From Los Angeles, he films a bird sitting in the lake. Lanez holds his son. Diplo wears a heart filter nd adds a “Denver, Colorado” graphic as he posts on social media.

Women laugh and stick out their tongues backstage. A young man dances at the club. Someone films a lizard walking on the sidewalk. Cashmere Cat rides the carousel. Diplo puts his arm around his head and puts a “Basic” graphic over his shirtless chest. Cashmere Cat works on his album at home. Lanez jumps into the crowd. Lit in red, a second young man’s jaw drops.

Rating: 1.5/5

Tory Lanez fills the bowl of the food for his dog. His dog wags it tails and cuddles by his leg. Lanez bends down and tells him he’s a little goofball. Lanez’s son bounds through the kitchen and sits at the kitchen table. Lanez tells him to put the toys away. His son asks him to rap. Lanez dances and performs a rap as he makes breakfast for them. His son cries, saying he doesn’t want cereal and knocks the bowl over. The dog runs over and licks up the milk. He puts up the gate and says he needs to eat. Lanez cuts up some fruit and gives it to his son. His son bites into the apple slice and licks his lips.

Lanez laughs as he reads Diplo’s social media and replies to his “Basic” post. Diplo sends him a direct message and says he’ll be back in town in a few weeks. They schedule a time to hang out. Diplo tells him Cashmere Cat says hello.

Cashmere Cat walks around in Europe. He has been working on his album for three weeks straight and it’s almost done. However, he has been stuck in his office or the recording studio. He needs fresh air and quiet. He performs a few shows in between. He sends Diplo some songs for feedback and replies to Lanez on his social media. Cashmere Cat says he’ll see him about two months. He’s backed up and has a few more shows to go.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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