Video Review: Zendaya “My Baby”

In black-and-white, Too $hort introduces himself and tells Zendaya “to do that thang, girl.” Zendaya rolls some diamonds in her hands and holds it by her mouth.

Against a black background, she wears a Oakland Raiders hat and jacket with silver lipstick.  Her outfit changes to a sheer black cardigan with hood and black lipstick. Wearing a Diamond Supply Co. shirt and aqua lipstick, she stands against a maroon background.

The screen changes to multiple squares Zendaya in the sheer black cardigan with hood.

She pulls her hood over head in black-and-white and color. Against a white background, she forms a heart with her hands.

In black-and-white, a few people sing along. She runs her finger along her chin in the multiple outfits. Pink, green and black screens feature Zendaya nodding her head.

Christina Milian dances in black-and-white. She also forms a heart with her hand.

With her hood pulled over her head, Zendaya stands to the side against the black background and taps her finger against her chin.

In the Oakland Raiders hat and jacket, she displays two diamonds in her hands.

Rating: 1/5

Sportswear is the latest trend for 2014.  Zendaya rushes to Nordstorm and buys outfits splashed with logos of the local sports team in Los Angeles, California. At the beauty counter, she picks out several pastel lipsticks. The sales clerk recommends some different shades. However, Zendaya says she saw it on the runways and it’ll be an edgy touch her to outfits.

While out with her friends, some men ask her who her favorite players are on the team. She says she wanted to support her city but doesn’t know anyone on the team. They nod and say it was good talking to her. Her friends ask her about the guys talking to her. Zendaya shrugs and says it was nothing. Back at home, she puts the sportswear in the back of the closet.

Zendaya gasps as another tear occurs in her distressed jeans. It enlarges the hole exposing her knee and part of leg. Her mother asks why she is bothering to wear jeans at all. Zendaya says she’s on trend. She puts on her poncho and says she’s going out with her friends. At the manicurist, she picks out spiked embellishments for her nails. Her friends ask how she’s going to type. She says she’ll manage. Back at home, she clenches her teeth as her nail cuts her leg. She struggles to unwrap the band-aid and asks her mom for help. Her mother side-eyes her as she puts the band-aid on her.

Her mother tells her to go through some of her things and find space in her closet. She says she has too much stuff and every room in the house cannot be used for her clothes. Zendaya cringes as she takes out the Oakland Raiders sportswear and throws away the pastel lipsticks. They were still full. She thinks she only wore them once. With about five packed boxes, she drives over to the homeless shelter and drops them off. As she waits, she sees children in clothes with spots and faded jeans. She deletes the shopping apps on her phone. The young woman thanks her for her donation and she mumbles “you’re welcome,” as she glances over at the children.

Director: Stephen Garrett Year: 2014

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