Video Reviw: Mabel “Don’t Call Me Up”

A young man buzzes the intercom to Mabel’s apartment. A second man calls on a payphone. A third young man shouts at her from the sidewalk. Mabel stands by a pink curtain in the family room. Her friends wave their fingers behind her.

She sits in her bathtub, covered in bubbles. Her friends stand by her.

Wearing a towel, she holds a compact in her hand as she and her friends on the couch. They get up and start to dance. The teal phone flashes on the table.

She and her friends lean against a car in a parking structure.

She and her friends perform a routine on stage draped with a red curtain.

She and her friends dance in the elevator. Her friends pass her cell phone to her as she sits in the bathtub. She scoffs at the number and places her face down on the bathtub.

Her friends hold their drinks by her head as they stand near the pink curtain.

As her friend drives in the tunnel, she sits backwards on the cup holder and points her hands.

In the family room, she and her friends hold bats as the phone flashes. Her friend, wearing a yellow towel, smashes the phone with the bat.

She continues to sit in the bathtub.

Rating: 3/5

Mabel, in her bath towel, sits on in her chair and closes her eyes as a young woman massages her shoulders. The young woman asks if it hurts as she digs into her muscles. Mabel says it’s okay. One of her friends drinks a glass of wine and says she wants to go to the bar tonight. Mabel suggests some of their usual places. A second friend she wants to stay out of the suburbs and go into the city. The timer dings.

Mabel picks out her nail polish for her manicure. Her friend says her ex-boyfriend won’t stop texting her. Mabel rolls her eyes and asks what he’s saying. Her friend shows him the texts. Mabel says he refuses to get the hint. Her friend says she loves the gold glitter on her nails.

She takes some of the sushi on the table and sits at the kitchen table. She scrolls through her social media. Her phone dings. It’s her ex-boyfriend. She presses decline. Her phone vibrates, indicating a voicemail. She listens to it. He misses her and hopes to see her at their favorite bar tonight. Mabel says it’s decided: they are going into the city and getting drunk. She puts her phone on speaker and allows her friends to listen to the voicemail. Her friends shake their heads. Her friend takes her phone and presses the blocked button.

Mabel buys her friends a round of drinks and thanks them for taking care of her. She says she almost called her ex-boyfriend back. The spa party took her mind off of him. She was able to pick out a new palette and had trouble choosing her nail art. Her friend says she deserves it and they are glad to see her smiling again

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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