Video Review: Billie Eilish “When The Party’s Over”

A glass of black water sits on a white table. Against a white background, she sits on a chair, staring at the glass. She clutches the bottom of her white shirt. She reaches for the glass and takes a deep breath before taking a sip. After two sips, she chugs the black water. She puts the glass back on the table and wipes her mouth with her hand.

She coughs and her eyes become vacant. Black ink fall from her eyes. She smears the ink with her hand across her cheek and grabs her shirt. She continues to stare at the glass. The black ink covers the white tiled floor.

Rating: 5/5

Billie Eilish had no choice but to drink the liquid. Her traditionalist parents were betrayed by her continous depression. They believed she was soulless and needed to confess her sins. She told the priest her sanitized secrets and hid her any sharp objects in her room.

Her parents told her they had to leave. There was nothing they could do for her. She bit her lip, choking back tears as they drove her to the instuition. She pleaded with her parents to not to leave her there. They said it was doing what was best for her. They told they needed her to be human again.

The therapist assured it was a free place to express her emotions. Putting her arm around her, the therapist told her they were a family now. During the sessions, she created a fictional version of her life with uplifting antecodes. However, the therapist pulled her aside and advised her it was dangerous for her to lie. There were consequences.

She sat in the chair for hours, staring at the black liquid. Her hands trembling, she takes the glass. The liquid tasted sweet and safe. She wanted more. The liquid goes to her back and she feels it transforming her. With a blink, she is drained of her pain.

The doctor picks up a low energy Eilish and tells her she needs her rest. Eilish, with a wide grin, it’s perfect. The doctor writes a discharge note for her release.

Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada Year: 2018

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