Video Review: Nate Ruess “Great Big Storm”

Members of a high school marching band stamp their feet on the road and play their instruments. Nate Ruess sits on the front steps of his home. He gets up and walks across the street.

He dances as three violinists play on the steps of a person’s home. He continues to dance with the marching band. Three people move their heads from left to right on the steps of their home as he walks past them. A couple of people run out of their home next door.

The rain pours as he rejoins the marching band. He climbs on top of a car and talks through a megaphone. He wipes off his face and climbs down the car. He dances with marching band gathered around the car. With his hand raised in the air, he watches as the members of the marching band leave. He looks up to the sky and sighs.

Rating: 3/5

Something is about to happen. Nate Ruess doesn’t know what or when. It seems as though something shifted. Work has numbed him. There is no chance of a promotion. He has scanned job sites and casually applied for a few openings. However, he hasn’t received of any calls yet. But he has held onto his vacation time just in case.

Over the weekend, he takes a walk and moves through a crowd of people. He watches as the members of the high school marching band play. He sees the students on the homecoming court wave and smile. His hands in his pockets, he stares at the ground. They have at least few years left. Although he is in his early 20s, it’s as though his future has arrived and been determined for him. He could only hope for the best.

A teacher recognizes him and asks him how he’s doing. He says he’s all right and that he’s working in sales right now. The teacher asks him about the school. He says he lost the scholarship and couldn’t keep up with the work. The teacher urges him to try again. He shrugs and says he doesn’t have the money. The sales job is all he could get. The teacher gives him her number and says she’ll contact him.

A young woman, who was two years behind him, gives him a hug. He had always liked her. She says it’s so good to see him. They talk about the floats for a few minutes. She says she’s here to support her little sister, who’s on the homecoming court. He says he misses the days of proms and football games. It was so simple back then. She shakes her head and says it only seemed to be easier. He responds that he believed he knew his future. She tells him she only wished she could have a chance to get a future. He asks if she would like to meet him later. She says she would like to hang out with him and talk.

He hasn’t heard anything from his teacher. But he think he will. He and his former classmate still talk. It seems to be going somewhere. However, she has a boyfriend, who she edits out of their conversations. It’s a start and it’s all he can handle right now.

Director: N/A Year: 2015

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