Video Review: Miami Sound Machine “Bad Boy”

A young man asks Gloria Estefan after their date, “my place?” She responds with “uh, not tonight. I think I’d rather take a walk.” He watches her leave.

Three cats snap their paws. A silver cat rubs out his cigarette with his shoe on the ground and nods his head. One cat dumps magic sparkles from his hat. Estefan smiles as the cats nuzzle her. She views the neon sign, Meow Lounge. A third cat drinks from the bottle and wipes his mouth with his paw. A few cats dance by a burning garbage can. She dances with several of cats.

The silver cat walks up to her and puts his arm around her. His tail springs up and he puts it back behind him. She links her arm with his as they walk.  A fourth cat opens his magazine, Playcat. The silver cat and Estefan listen while three other cats play the saxophone. A fifth cat opens a Kit Kat bar. She tips them with a goldfish.

She and the silver cat drive away in his car. Several cats play on a fish’s skeleton outside the apartment. They kiss. A sixth cat, as a police officer, blows his whistle at him and they disperse. Estefan stands by herself and walks back to the bar.

The young man says to her, “tell me the truth, you’re seeing another guy.” She smiles, replying “um, not exactly.” She walks away from him, her tail hanging below her skirt as he catches up with her.

Rating: 2/5

Gloria Estefan brushes her tail. It’s the only part of her that’s still a cat. However, it will soon disappear. Her parents wanted her to be a human. They said it would give her a better life than living in the alleys, scrambling for food. Her parents had found a home for her and directed the human to the Meow Lounge to allow for the transformation.

The human had loved her as a cat. She had learned the English language as her human talked to her and on the phone. She studied the movements her human made. She ran to her human’s lap if she coughed. It broke her heart to run out while her human left to do some shopping. One of the cats explained to her human that she was no longer going to be an animal. Her human took her in as promised and helped her with a job.

They watched romantic movies together. Estefan had told her the man was handsome in the movie and she wished she could be with someone like him. Her human encouraged her to go out and date. However, she missed the silver cat she was with before her transformation. She often met up with him. She knew she had to leave her old life behind. But the silver cat was one she loved.

She pleaded with her parents to help make him human like her. They said it was his choice and he needed a human to care of him first. It was something he wouldn’t allow anyone do for him. They tell her to let him go and enjoy her life.

Director: D.J. Webster Year: 1986

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