Video Review: Total & Missy Elliott “Trippin'”

A small dog runs across a glass floor. Missy Elliott, wearing a white coat, stands in the family room. Several men dance by the couch.

In a black corset and gray dress pants, Pam rubs her hands as she sits on the chair. Keisha, wearing a pink lingerie, waves her finger while sitting on the floor. Kima takes a bubble bath.

Kima lies on the floor, covering her naked chest with her arms.

Keisha sits at the vanity. She moves the hanging mirror over her bed to her breasts and crotch.

Kima lies on a towel on the floor. She splashes water from the bathtub onto the floor.

The men continue to dance. Kima waves a pink fan as she lies on the towel.

Rating: 1/5

Kima washes her foot with a cloth. She eats some strawberries and drinks some wine. It’s a night for her. Some of the men knocked on the door and asked to be invited into the bathroom. She called out “no.” She touches her collarbone. Since her teen years, she believed her hair was too thin and that her legs had too much flab. In her early 20s, she was at the gym for hours and she didn’t eat much in between. After a lengthy hospital stay, she was able to cut on the gym visits and not be ashamed for eating a full meal. However, she believes her body is beautiful. No man is going to tell her otherwise. She’ll have the strength to let him go.

Pam watches the young men try to impress. One almost breaks his leg as he spins on the floor. She cringes as one tips his hat towards her. She shakes her head and tells them it’s enough. They sit down to talk to her. She nods and tells them she has to go. She’s going to be late for her shift. They ask her to stay and call in sick. As she puts on her jacket, she tells them to stop acting so desperate. They call her a bitch.

Keisha fixes her hair as she sits by her vanity. Dressed in pink lingerie, she walks downstairs and says she’s ready for love. She pulls one of them by the tie and leads them up the stairs. She sits on the bed, moving the mirror to several places around her body. The man asks if he can join. She tells him no. It’s only for her. The man tells her she’s a joke and leaves. She shrugs and waits for the next man.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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