Video Review: Gina G “Fresh!”

A young woman tunes the volume up on the radio as she drives with her friends in a convertible. Gina G, wearing an orange bikini, walks on the beach.

In a blue striped crop and shorts, she hangs up shirts on the clothesline.

She puts her hand on her cheek as she sits in the backseat of the convertible.

Wearing a pink dress, she dances by the railing at the hotel.

Men check her out as they drive past the convertible. She holds a guy’s hand as he drives a motorcycle.

Wearing a fuchsia bikini, she walks around the pool inside the hotel.

Gina G and her friends run to beach and take off their clothes. A male friend of hers picks her up and she laughs.

She wears a fuchsia hat in the pool. She and her friends splash one another at the beach.

She waves to several guys as she sits in the backseat. She smiles as she walks around in the pool.

Rating: 2.5/5

Gina G takes a picture on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She reads the names as she walks. Her best friend taps her arm and says they are going to go shopping. She says it’s a cheap clothing store. Her friends say it’ll be fun. She says okay but she’s saving her money for some designer clothes.

At Graumann’s Chinese Theater, she bends down and pretends to put her hands in cement. One of her friends tells her “you’re not that famous yet.” G smirks and says “I will be.” A young man stops and asks if she’s been in any movies. She shakes her head and says she’s a professional singer. He asks her what studio and she tells him she’s from England. She explains she’s in the dance genre. He exclaims “wow” and asks for a picture. She puts her arm around him. He says his friends won’t believe he met someone famous.

On Rodeo Drive, she buys a Louis Vuitton purse and a necklace from Chanel. She tells the clerks she received her advance from the label and wants to spend it on something she’s always wanted. The sales clerk says she can’t wait to hear her music. G tells her it’ll be added to one of their tapes soon and she’ll have it memorized.

Director: Cary Grim Year: 1997

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