Video Review: Post Malone “Wow”

Post Malone, smoking a cigarette, asks “for what?” He says to the director, James Defina, that he’s doing a music video. A Charles Buxton quote reads: “You never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”

In Los Angeles, California, an assistant pours liquor into Post Malone’s red plastic cup and walks over to his dressing room. A shirtless Malone says goodbye to DJ Khaled and receives his drink from the assistant. He holds a burning cigarette while he gets a haircut. He poses for a photo with DJ Khaled.

In a suit, he walks to a photo shoot and hugs one of his friends. He drives off in his car. He performs with a band in a studio. A flyer for the 61st Grammy Awards rehearsals is displayed inside his car. A representative for the Grammys informs that no cameras are restricted. He looks out the window of plane.

In Berlin, Germany, he plays beer pong in the dressing room. The tour travels to Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden. He plays the guitar in the dressing room. He exhales smoke through his nose. In an orange painted room, he plays the drums. Underneath electric blue lights, he walks on the runway of the stage.

A message reads: “and then this happened.” Dancing Beardo begins his routine in the backyard of his home. Post Malone watches Dancing Beardo continue his routine by several trailers. Post Malone gives him a hug.

Lit in electric blue, he laughs on stage.

Rating: 2/5

A viral video was unexpected. Post Malone had watched it several times and was amazed by Dancing Beardo’s skills. He told his manager to contact Dancing Beardo. If it were up to him. Dancing Beardo would be the entire video. He wanted to go home. Although the last tour was short, it seemed to go on forever. Nearly every single has had a video. The directors pitch elaborate ideas to him. However, he says he wants it to be low-key. His manager tells him that he has to do something. Malone says he’s already exhausted from performing and traveling.

The director and manager excuse themselves for a while. He hopes they decide against doing another video. While boarding the plane, the director approaches him and says he’s going to be following him around for the European leg. He opens a can of beer and sits down in the seat.

Seeing the video, though, reminds of when he first started in the music industry. He wanted to be rocker but the record company told him to be someone else. He signed the contract, put his guitar away and scrapped multiple years of work. He talks to Dancing Beardo on the phone and invites him to be in the video he’s currently filming. After he gets off the phone, he mentions to the director he has an idea. The director perks up and Malone shows him the video. He says he wants Dancing Beardo to get half the screentime. The director nods and says they’ll arrange it.

Director: James Defina Year: 2019

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