Video Review: Fall Out Boy “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”

In the infomercial, Fall Out Boy performs with the two spokespeople. Selling points that they are beautiful, have real skin and eat. They are available at the price of 99.95 and can be bought at A phone number is listed on the bottom of the blue screen.

Patrick demonstrates the Hand Job. The box in the corner tells people it’s “a piece of FOB history” and has a wholesale price of 899.99. However, they have marked it down to 499.99. Stump puts it over his hand and rubs his face with it.

A young man and woman, dressed in red shirts and khakis, watch as Joe jumps on the trampoline. Joe smiles as he holds a bottle of Gross. Per its description, it’s “holy miracle water. The fountain of youth..bottled!” He drinks some of it.

The young man and woman get excited over a glass of toothpicks rotating on a tray, which is advertised as Crap In A Glass. They hold up Pete’s arm. “It IS an arms race” is written over his arm in lime green font. They freak over a lavender skull, which provides “death & destruction for the whole family.”

Stump gives two thumbs up as he is being as the “perfect family friend.” Considered a limited edition, fans will “receive a free fedora with purchase.”

The young woman and man stand by the llamas, stating it’s a buy one, get one free deal going on during the broadcast. Pete holds up a shrimp tray. Joe plays the “baby drums.”

The young man and woman dance with the llamas. The young woman throws one of Joe’s “signature guitars” and a “piece of rock history” at him. Joe falls over in his chair. A Jumpin’ Joe version is also being sold. A phone rings in the middle of the screen as the llamas pass by, urging people to “call now!”

Wentz demonstrates the bass sword. The ticker on the bottom says that Fall Out Boy are perfect for any special occasions.

The young woman sits underneath a stuffed goat, Franklin. It adds that the person will “never be lonely again.” The young man winks. The grey llama plays with a fidget spinner. Stumps eat “edible trash” from a garbage bag. He holds onto Wilson, his volleyball. The young woman takes it away from him.

As Pete jumps in the middle of a square with the two spokespeople, the lime green font states “name your price!” The llamas start having sex. The young woman pulls them apart. The llamas begin to fight. Wentz frowns as he’s being advertised as the last one left.

Rating: 3.5/5

Patrick Stump arrived on time. Although some part of the box was dented, he still was in perfect condititon. He needed a bit of stretching, though before he would start talking. Stump is a perfect gentleman and very helpful around the house. Would recommend!

The bass sword is cheaply made and broke in the mail. I’ve contacted the site many times and although I was assured by customer support that I would receive another, no answer has been given as to when. I would like to an answer immediately and would be contacting the Better Buisness Bureau in regards to your practices. Never Again!

Franklin has been the best toy for the children in our family. They play it with costantly. Please bring it back in stock. We want to give it as a gift to our friends.

Director: Y2K  Year: 2018


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