Video Review: Spice Girls “Say You’ll Be There”

A satellite twists in the desert. Katrina Highkick (Melanie Chisholm) does some ninja moves near a silver wing. Trixie Firecracker (Geri Haliwell) puts her hands on her hips and points her gun. Kung Fu Candy (Emma Bunton) smiles and punches the air. Midnight Miss Suki (Victoria Beckham) zips up her boots and holds her boomerang. Blazin’ Bad Zula (Melanie Brown) flies into the desert and folds her arms across her chest.

Kung Fu Candy sings in front of the group while the others dance behind her. They each take turns standing in front of the others.

A young man drives into the desert.

They speed in a sportscar.

Katrina Highkick raises her bazooka gun and fires. Trixie Firecracker throws her boomerang. Blazin’ Bad Zula stands with her hands on her hips and stares at the young man, leaning against his car. Kung Fu Candy smiles at him as he takes off his sunglasses.  He walks over to them and Midnight Miss Suki zaps him. With a mask over his eyes, he struggles to remove himself from the chains.

Katrina Highkick jumps in the air. She does several cartwheels and stands, a killer white light streaming from her fingers. Blazin’ Bad Zula throws a boomerang. It breaks apart in the air. Trixie Firecracker fires at the target. They walk in front of the car. Katrina Highkick looks through binoculars. She spots a second young man driving a pick-up truck.

Tied to the top of his truck, the second young man looks around. They wave and raise their arms.

Rating: 4/5

They could only trust themselves. Trixie Firecracker, the leader, feared no one. She encouraged her friends to try and not to stress if they missed a target. She told him they could do it. Sometimes she had to get Kung Fu Candy out of the sidelines to practice. Kung Fu Candy needed the most help. She was polite and nice. However, she hadn’t been tested. However, she discovered Kung Fu Candy’s strength was in intelligence. It was then she saw improvement.

Kung Fu Candy was able to lure in several men into the desert. One man had been a known predator. Arrogant and out of control, he believed he was untouchable. Money had been protecting him for years. As Kung Fu Candy had shared with the group, he believed women were unable to defend themselves. He wouldn’t suspect them.

A second young man had driven an ice cream truck. He was a creep who hit on the moms and teens who helped children with their orders. One woman had reported him but there had been no intervention by the local police. The police told her they couldn’t arrest a feeling. The woman had sought out Kung Fu Candy and asked for help.

Although Firecracker tried not to favor anyone, she did love Midnight Miss Suki. She was laidback, learned fast and needed little guidance. She knew exactly what to do. There was no handholding or sugarcoating. She could be blunt with her and know it was understood.

Director: Vaughn Arnell Year: 1996

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