Video Review: Jamie Foxx & Kanye West “Extravaganza”

Jamie Foxx, wearing a white dress shirt and dress pants, sleeps handcuffed to a hotel bed. Yellow tape lines the door as a police officer talks to a witness outside.

He plays the piano.

He wakes up in the hotel room and watches a video from last night on his cell phone. A young woman, wearing a silver fringed dress, puts her arms around him. He shakes off the handcuff.

A young woman, in a red dress, follows him as he walks down the staircase. He dances with the young woman in the silver fringed dress.

He watches through the blinds as the police officers talk to another. They walk up the stairs to his floor. He puts on his sunglasses and jumps out the window. He lands on the ground and two dogs chase. He climbs the fence and gets inside a taxi.

The young woman in the silver fringed dress takes his hand and leads him to a third woman sitting in the lobby. A bartender pours a drink. He holds her hand and then follows the young woman in the silver fringed dress. He and the young woman sleep together.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jamie Foxx cuts his steak as he watches two police officers walk into the restaurant. He looks down at his food as they glance at his table. They sit a few rows behind him. He looks out the window. The server asks him what he would like for dessert. He tells her he’ll pass and that he’ll take the check.

The police officers get up and approach his table. They slide in booth and ask him how he’s doing. One police officer pulls out a picture of the young woman in the silver fringed dress and asks if he knows her. He answers “not really.” The police officer says if he has any information to let them know. He nods and takes the police officer’s card.

He walks into the police station the next day and says he’d like to talk about his encounter with the young woman. He explains he’s a piano player at the hotel and she was a frequent visitor. She had invited him several times but he declined. However, he accepted the other night, thinking there was something between them. He says he doesn’t know what happened to her. He woke up by himself.

A few weeks later, she was found murdered. He held his hand to his chest as he listened to the news report. He could to jail for a long time. The police questioned him again and eliminated him as a suspect. They told him she had been involved in a drug crime ring. They want him to be a witness. He tells he doesn’t want to testify.

The police officers close the door behind him and he takes a deep breath.

Director: N/A Year: 2005

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