Video Review: Janet Jackson “Again”

Janet Jackson sits on the floor, listening to music and writing in her notebook. She gazes at the sun streaming through the window and onto the bed.

Jackson reads while cuddling with her boyfriend (Gary Dourdan).

She lies on the bed.

She and her boyfriend drink tea in the morning. He leans against the wall, reading the book.

She sits in chair by herself.

He gets up from the chair and bends down beside her. They look into one another’s eyes as she strokes his hair. He sits back down on the chair and rests his arm on his knees and continues to look at her. She walks over to him and sits in his lap.

Jackson sits on the bed with her notebook.

He sits against the bed and she pulls up his shirt. They kiss. He touches her stomach and pulls up a necklace from underneath her jeans. It begins to rain as they drink their coffee on the patio. She laughs and they stand in the corner. He hugs her. She rests her head on his shoulder as they watch it rain.

He sits shirtless in the chair, drinking coffee. She moves the curtain and watches him. She fans herself. He holds up a ring as a single tear falls down his cheek. He kisses her neck as they sit on the bed together.

Her notebook and pencil sit on the table.

Rating: 5/5

Janet Jackson touches the diamond in the center of the ring. It should’ve worked out. They waited for years to be together. She would see him with his girlfriend at a mutual friend’s party. They would talk for a few minutes and return back to their lives. He’d run into her with her boyfriend at the diner. They’d only been in the same place at the same time once.

It was too soon. They’d been together for only six months. He told her knew once they got together, it was right and he had been wanting to ask. She had initially said yes and wore the ring on her finger. However, he asked her about their wedding plans and she didn’t have an answer.

He asked her if she eve wanted to get married. She had told him she had thought about it. With tears streaming down his face, he needed her to do more than to think. He wanted her to be with him. She had begged him not to go and said he wasn’t an obligation.

He said the ring was hers. She could sell it, give it away, do whatever she wanted. She kept it in her jewelry box. Although she looked at it every day, it gave her some hope. It wasn’t truly over. It never seemed to be.

Director: Rene Elizondo Year: 1993

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