Video Review: P!nk “Walk Me Home”

A siren sounds in the middle of the night. People cross the street. A young woman waves down a taxi. Pink, wearing a red dress, walks within the crowd of people. She lifts up her head and the city clears. With minimal light, she continues to walk.

As she crosses the street, she arches her back and levitates in the air. A light shines over the street while two people dance in shadow. She walks in air. As she twirls, the shadow couple dances. Several people pop out in shadow as she crosses the next street.

The shadow people appear as she walks down the steps. Over by the wall, she performs a routine while the shadow couple appear behind her. Walking back on the street, the lights of the city turn off. She looks at the street and raises her arm. She watches the shadow couple. She spreads her arms and the lights turns back on in the city.

She dances. Shadow people dance within the buildings’ walls and street. While standing in the middle of the street, she watches as people walk past her. She continues to walk.

Rating: 1.5/5

A child cries in his mother’s arms and Pink turns her head. The mother tells him it’s going to be okay and they are going home. Pink thinks of her children at home. She has no idea what to say to them anymore. She and her husband try to shield them from the news as much as possible. However, they still hear it whenever they are at a restaurant.

Every day, she wonders if she should take her family and move to another country. She thinks of an escape plan in case of a disaster. Her husband tells her to turn off the internet for a while and watch a movie to take her mind off things. She says she’s going to take a walk.

As she walks past the stores, she sees people carrying multiple bags. At the coffee shop, people wait in a single file line out of the door waiting. All seems meaningless. It’s her children that will have to live with a dying planet and fixing their broken government. She wants to save them from the struggles she knows they will face. But she knows she can’t. Returning home, she hugs her children and gets out their favorite board games to play.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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