Video Review: Deborah Cox “Sentimental”

A young man (Omar Epps) walks up the stairs of the lounge. Deborah Cox sits in the dressing room and thinks to herself as she looks into the mirror.

On stage, the pianist and guitarist plays. The servers carry the drinks to their tables.

She glances to the left of her. Next to her makeup is a picture of her with the young man in a frame. She gets her jacket and walks to the stage. The young man watches her from the entrance. He turns away and leans against the wall, his eyes closed.

A young woman snaps her fingers as she performs. He walks down the staircase. She takes a bow as the audience applauds her.

She returns to the dressing room and rests her head on her arm. The young man opens the door. She looks up to see him.

Rating: 4/5

It hurt the young man to hear her voice. However, his ex-girlfriend, Deborah Cox seemed to be in as much pain as him. Back when they were together, her songs were upbeat and bombastic. Seeing her again hit him hard. He believed he would be able to walk in and see her perform. But he could only stay by the entrance and try to keep it together.

It took him almost two years to return to the lounge. He had kept some flyers from her shows and called to inquire to see if she was performing several times. Each time he decided to stay home or go out with his friends or new girlfriend.

He had always loved her. He needed to her know it. She had told him she couldn’t give herself over to him. But deep down, she cared even if she didn’t want to admit it. He had given her an ultimatum, hoping she would sense the urgency. It had backfired and she had left without a word, saying she wasn’t the marrying type.

But he had to talk to her and know she was doing okay. He had read she had taken a break from performing. She couldn’t give it up. He had to step in and help. His world may break into a thousand pieces again but he was prepared. She needed him and he wanted to be there for her.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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