Video Review: Steve Aoki & blink-182 “Why Are We So Broken”

A young woman (Dora Madison) and man (Christian A. Pierce) stand close together on the sidewalk.

Steve Aoki and blink-182 play in an underpass in a warehouse.

The couple hold hands and gaze at another while they walk. They separate. He carries his hammer and she puts her axe over her shoulder. In the junkyard, he throws her a uniform. He zips up his uniform and they both on their helmets.

He breaks three candy jars sitting on a table. She hits a spray-painted television and vase. He cuts a table in half and throws his hammer at a mirror, shattering it into tiny pieces. They shove another.

They continue to destroy toilets and stereo systems. She leans her head into a mirror. They stand close together and she touches his chest. They hold hands and share a bottle of Smirnoff over a rusted garbage can. They smile at one another while he pours her a glass. They clink their glasses.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman points to the door and tells him to leave. He tells her he doesn’t want to and think about what she’s saying. She shouts that she has thought about it for weeks. He raises his arms by his sides and says he’s going. An hour later, she calls him crying, saying she was wrong and didn’t mean it. She asks him to forgive her. He tells her they can’t.

During couples therapy, the counselor recommends they find a common activity which allow them to let go of their anger. She gives them a few names of some clubs. He tells her they’ll give it a try. On the website, they book their appointment and pay.

For a half hour, they smash electronic equipment. Around the 20 minute mark, they kiss. He puts his hands on her shoulders and ask if she feels better. She says it what she needed. He holds up a liquor bottle and tells her it’s time to celebrate.

As they drink, she tells him she’s under a lot of pressure at work but can’t take any time off. The relationship, every day chores, all seem to be too much right now. He says he can come over during the day and help. She says she would be so grateful for it. He hugs her and tells her it’s okay to be overwhelmed. However, she needs to tell him. She says she will and apologizes for taking it on him. She says she can’t wait for the month to be over and finally, she’ll be able to take a vacation. He says they are going somewhere and she’s not staying home. She smiles at him and says he’s the most patient boyfriend in the world.

Director: Brandon Dermer Year: 2019

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