Video Review: AJR “Role Models”

Adam, Ryan and Jack sit on boxes, playing their instruments, inside a warehouse. The camera zooms away. Lights hang from the ceiling.

The camera zooms in on Jack. They pause for a moment and start playing again. The camera moves further away. A golden chandelier hangs in the center of the warehouse.

It returns back to Jack and focuses on his fingers strumming the guitar. It pulls back again and comes back once the trumpeter starts to play behind them and moves away again.

It returns one more time and focuses on Jack’s face.

Rating: 1.5/5

Jack deletes some songs from his computer and phone. At an industry party, a famous musician waved him off and told him they was no chance they would work together. Jack really admired him. The musician was an inspiration to him and someone he looked up to as a kid. However, he no longer wanted nothing to do with him. None of it means anything to him.

At a cafe, he stands in line for seat. A well-known celebrity walks in and pushes ahead of him. She asks for private seating away from everyone else. Jack rolls his eyes. Most of the people in the restaurant take out their cell phones and film her. The manager tells her they don’t have a private area. She demands that create one for her. The manager asks one of the servers to clean up his office and tell everyone on break to get back on floor. The server nods.

Jack doesn’t want to be famous anymore. While moving to Los Angeles, he and his brothers said they’d give interviews to the major magazines and ask for privacy about their love lives. A couple of years, later, though, they believed they would bigger by now. But it hasn’t happened yet. It’s not going to be a permanent job. They may tour a few cities here and there but they’ll go back to their 9 to 5 jobs. Jack isn’t ready to give up yet, though.

Director: The Mitchells & Spencer Hord Year: 2018

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