Video Review: Fergie & Ludacris “Glamorous”

In black-and-white, two teenagers walk into the backyard of their friend’s home. The text on the screen notes that it’s a “1994 Backyard Keggar.” Underneath it states, “East Los Angeles” in California. One of the guys raps. In the backyard, people raise up their red cups and sing along.

In a mix of gray and color, Fergie dances in a group with her best friend (Alfonso Riberio). Some of her classmates dance by the pool. She and her friends raise their red cups in the air as a plane flies in the sky.

On a private jet, a flight attendant (Freddy Rodriguez) pours Fergie a glass of champagne. She pulls out her phone and watches a music video. She and her friends dance in their seats in the limousine. She reaches for her order at the drive-thru of the fast food restaurant.  Her friends divide up the food in the backseat as the driver leaves. As a teenager, she often went to same fast food restaurant.

She and Ludacris film the movie, “Glamorous” in the desert. The police officers stand at their cars, their guns aimed at them. Ludacris talks to her as they stand on the edge of the cliff, holding their guns. They shoot at the police officers. The director calls cut. Fergie puts on her jacket and sits in her chair. As she looks at her phone, stylists fix her hair. She boards her private jet again.

Back on private jet, she talks with her manager, who shares some negative news running in the gossip columns. She throws her phone. She looks out the window.

As a child, she and her dad have a talk about being an entertainer.

In 1994, she and her friends continue to dance.

Rating: 5/5

Fergie receives a text from her best friend, asking if she’s going to be able to attend her wedding shower. She responds with “yes!” and that she already cleared it with her manager. Her best friend says she’s so excited to see her. Fergie texts back that she wouldn’t miss it.

Her manager asks if she’s able to do an event on the day of the wedding shower in her trailer. He says it’ll be only for a few hours and she can get on the plane. She tells him she wants to spend time as much with her friend while she’s back home. Her manager says he’ll work with the network to find another date. She tells him another day would be okay with her. She opens her laptop and reads some magazines online. She gasps as she reads a false story about herself. She texts her manager with her response to the story and tells him to send it to the publication.

Her father had warned her, though, that it was going to be hard. He prepared her for rejection and helped her develop a thick skin. As a teenager, she told her father she wanted to quit. However, her father told her she put in too much work to simply stop and to keep trying. She did take a short break, though. The pressure had been too much. Her father had seen her suffering. He apologized for pushing her and said he would do what was needed to get her healthy again.

Returning home, she asks her parents if they received the money she sent them. Her dad said they did. She notices the dishwasher leaking. She asks them if they knew about it. They told her they were waiting for the next check from her. She shakes her head, no and tells them to choose the one they want. They tell her they can’t. She says it’s her turn to take care of them now. She kisses them and says she’s heading to the wedding shower. Her mom tells her to say hello to her best friend. She says she will and that she’ll back tomorrow.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2007

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