Video Review: Ke$ha “Take It Off”

Ke$ha takes off her helmet as she gets off her motorcycle by a rundown hotel. She walks towards the entrance as her friends follow behind her. Some of her male friends climb over a rusted car. A few people run up the stairs and on the balcony of the second floor. They lean on the railings and watch as she takes a fur coat of the rusted car.

She crawls on the sand.

Her friends climb over the fence and run around the empty inground pool. One young man takes off his shirt and gold dust flies off his back. A young woman and second young man turn to multi-colored dust as they race towards one another. Red and yellow dust covers Ke$ha’s skin. She dances while gold glitter sprinkles her body. People dance as lavender and lime dust coats the pool.

She opens her coat as the multi-colored dust explodes in the pool.

A third young man reaches for a second young woman at the bottom of the pool. They become teal dust. Ke$ha unzips some of the skin. Her chest sparks gold. A third young woman slides in the multi-colored dust around the pool.

Ke$ha dances in the desert.

As Ke$ha unzips her skin, her becomes gold with a glittery finish to it. It vanishes in the air. Gold glitter flies around the pool in the late evening.

Rating: 4/5

Time was running out. They only had hours. Ke$ha and her friends search for abandoned hotel in a ghost town. They want to dance the night away and not to be alone. Some of her friends speculated the color of the powder underneath their skin. They were the lucky ones. For those who discovered the coating in their skin by accident didn’t have a chance. They disappeared within an instant.

Ke$ha was ready. Over the past couple months, her skin had gotten thin. Any lotion she rubbed on her body lotion wore off after an hour or so. However, she had sunbathed for the first time, knowing any damage wouldn’t matter. She and her friends had decided to go on a road trip. They spent most of their days drunk and dancing in the clubs. She had requested to see the Grand Canyon. Her parents would take a family vacation every year. She wanted to remember those days again and spread her parents’ ashes.

While with her friends, they talked about their dreams. One friend wanted to be a singer. Another friend had applied to colleges and received an acceptance letter. The second friend wanted to know she was capable of much more. The acceptance letter was proof. Their lives had been out of control for so long, simple hopes were all they had. Ke$ha had wanted to see the world. She had almost made it to Europe but got stopped by the guards. Sneaking onto a plane was the closest she had gotten to being out of the United States.

Her friends run to the pool. She walks, taking her time. It’s going to be quick, anyhow. She wants to listen her friends’ laughs and feel the sweat trickling on her skin. She wants to dance in her worn sneakers and celebrate their lives.

Directors: Paul Hunter & Dori Oskowitz Year: 2010

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