Video Review: The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of Summer “Who Do You Love”

In a split screen, two cars drive inside a warehouse. Luke and Andrew stare one another down. Some people turn around. They got out of their cars and walk to the stage.

They grab their instruments and start to play. In a split screen, Ashton sighs on the left while he places his drumsticks on his drums. Michael waits on the left while he holds his pick for his guitar.

As Alex and Andrew play, sparks fly behind them. Flames burst out behind 5 Seconds of Summer. In a crooked split screen, Alex sings at the microphone on the left while Calum performs.

Alex swings the microphone stand back and forth as he continues to sing. Calum shakes his head. Ashton twirls his drumsticks and pounds the drums. Flames cover his set. Andrew screams while his hair burns. Michael turns his guitars into flamethrower. Alex takes a few steps back. Luke jumps into the audience. Calum, Ashton, and Michael watch as Alex climbs the tower. Alex jumps from the tower.

A strong wind blows as the both bands play. The electricity blows on stage, shocking The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer. Ashton and Calum sit up on stage.

Rating: 2/5

Luke shakes Alex’s hand, saying it was an honor to compete against him. Alex moves his hands away and says they’ll be a rematch. Luke says they are open to it. Alex points at the band and says they cheated. Luke puts his arms in the air. Ashton gets up and points at Alex, saying they played by the rules. Luke gestures for Ashton to calm down. Ashton sits down. Luke says he looks forward to seeing them again.

Alex mutters to Andrew that he can’t keep up with 5 Seconds of Summer. Alex says he did what he needed to do win. Andrew nods, telling him that if they aren’t willing to do what it takes, they don’t deserve the win. Alex says he even talked to the equipment guys and messed with their amplifiers. It was all set up. Andrew says they’ll get 5 Seconds Summer back.

Ashton says they can’t go against The Chainsmokers again. They don’t have anything to prove. Luke says they need to build a bigger profile. Calum adds that they don’t have to stroke The Chainsmokers’ ego. Ashton pipes up that the Chainsmokers need them more than they need them. Luke says he’ll call up Alex and says they won’t hold another competition.

Director: Frank Borin Year: 2019

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