Video Review: Sabrina Carpenter “Sue Me (Version 2)”

In black-and-white, Sabrina Carpenter walks on metallic strips scattered on the floor. She sits cross-legged in a chair while a light dangles over her. She looks up at it and then taps her chair.

She sits on the metallic strips on the floor. Sparks fall from the ceiling. She turns around and walks back to her chair. She brushes off her shoulder and pulls her coat down to her elbows.

She stands by a plastic curtain and pulls it down. She messes up the metallic strips. She puts her jacket over shoulder.

Rating: 4/5

Sabrina Carpenter loosens her tie as she sits in the banquet hall. The case had been dismissed. During the depositions, her lawyers had been able to catch the plaintiff in a lie. The plaintiff’s lawyer had tried to counter the argument but had stumbled. Sitting at the table, she answered the questions as calm as possible. On the lunch breaks, she had ranted to her parents about the plaintiff’s lawyer. Her lawyer assured they had it under control.

After a year of litigation, her family had decided to celebrate with a party. It had caused a strain on the their finances and she was told to watch her spending for awhile. She was stressed the case could end her career. Her manager advised her it wouldn’t let that happen. However, she couldn’t rest.

She dances with her friends and requests songs to the DJ. She stands in line for the buffet of chicken marsala, roast beef and salad. She thanks the servers who bring her ice cream and a slice of cake.

The DJ asks her join her family in the chicken dance. She laughs and mouths “no.” Two of her friends take her arms and lead her to the dancefloor. She giggles as she shakes her lips and moves in a circle. She stays on the dancefloor as they do the Macarena. Out of breath, she returns to her table and watches as her cousins continue to dance. The DJ plays one of her songs, saying “there’ll be more hits from her” and she claps her hands.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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