Video Review: Sean Paul “Temperature”

Brown leaves fall as Sean stands outside in his jacket. His girlfriend puts his arm around him as they stand next to a tree. The wind blows as the leaves continue to fall.

Three female dancers perform a routine by the tree.

The temperature on the thermometer lowers to 10 degrees.

While the snow falls, he wears a white winter coats against a blue background.The three female dancers wear white winter coats with fur-trimmed hoods. A snowman stands. His girlfriend walks by herself and closes her eyes as she touches the fur on her coat. Around below zero, she puts her hood over her head.

The temperature rises to 60 degrees. Umbrellas spring up. Paul holds an umbrella over his girlfriend’s head as they stand in the rain. His girlfriend walks by herself by the tree as the sun shines. Three men put their foot on the women’s back as they dance by the tree.

The temperature continues to rise to 100 degrees. Against a red background, his girlfriend tosses her jacket. She wears a bikini. Several women lie on towels. He sits in a chair and holding a drink while an umbrella covers him. The three women perform a routine by him. Three men dance by themselves.

Beach balls fly by his girlfriend as she stands in her bikini.

He talks on his cell phone in the car. A group of people dance in a garage. The door opens and a police officer watches them. The people run out of the garage.

Rating: 2/5

Sean Paul stands in the clothing shop, trying to choose the type of shirt his girlfriend would like. They’ve been dating for almost six months and he wants to buy her something she wouldn’t get herself. She’s been saving up for a pair of jeans from Free People and even has it added to her shopping list.  The sales clerk asks him if he needs any help. He asks about the specific pair of jeans. The sales clerk says she’ll look it up on the computer. She says they have a pair in stock. He thanks her for finding the jeans and gives her his credit card.

In the summer, they spend most of their time at the beach. He takes her on a vacation to Jamaica to meet his parents. He tells her he loves her as they watch the sunset. Once they return home, he gives her a key to his home. He asks her to live with him.

Midway through the fall, they take a walk on their one year anniversary. He says she’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. She squeezes his hand. He points to the limousine waiting by the park and says it’s for them. The limousine drives them to an expensive restaurant. The host leads them to the private area. After dinner, he takes her to a concert. She grins as she meets her favorite singer and takes a picture. She tells him she’ll remember it forever.

During the winter, they mostly stay at home. She says she doesn’t feel good. He offers to take her to the doctor. She says she’s nauseous all the time. They sit in the waiting room together and she says she’s scared. He tells her he’s okay with the outcome. After the tests, the doctor tells them she’s pregnant. Paul hugs her and says he’s so happy. She puts her hand over her mouth and says they are going to be a family. He says he can’t to tell his parents.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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