Video Review: Imagine Dragons “Next to Me (Version 2)”

Dan Reynolds walks by a blurred sea green fuzzy screen. It splits into three screens. In the center screen, a windmill turns. In the three screens, some hay rolls across the road.

Two little boys run on the screen as Reynolds walks by the screen. He points within the three squares. On the screen, he gestures while a little boy stands by the house. A mother smiles as she holds flowers. He taps his chest with his hand.

The screen splits into six. Reynolds dances up close to the camera and screams. The screen splits into six squares, which two facing to the right. It splits again, with three squares on top. The six squares disappear and he stands by himself in a single screen.

Rating: 2/5

Dan Reynolds rewinds the video of his parents again. His mother had always been full of energy. She ran after him and his brother in the backyard. She cooked and kept up the house while maintaining their schedules. She was the glue of the family.

At the hospital, he holds his mother’s hand while the respirator allows her chest to rise and fall. A single fall had taken her down. The surgery had left with her an infection and she hadn’t been able to recover. She had survived cancer, the death of her husband and other ailments throughout the years. But she couldn’t get past the fall.

He and his brother eat in silence in the cafeteria. The doctor had spoken to them earlier, saying it was unlikely she was going to wake up. They had a choice to make. His brother had signed it. He couldn’t do it. He put his hand over his mouth and suppressed his tears.

His brother kissed his mom on the forehead and said he’d be back in the morning. Reynolds told him he was going to stay for another hour and sit with her. On the drive home, he received the call from the hospital. He turned down a side street and made a left on the main road.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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