Video Review: Tara Kemp “Hold You Tight”

A young man kicks up his leg against a blood red orange background. A second young man dances as the shadow of a windmill spins behind the lavender background. A young woman dances as the windmill continues to spin against the red background.

Tara Kemp moves her arms while two young women dance behind her. The silhouette of netting against the violet background covers her body.

The young man slides his legs against the royal blue background.

Wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline, she moves her arms as the royal blue curtain blows behind her. The dancers take their turns by the royal blue curtain.

Against the blood red background, she and two female dancers perform.

A young man and woman dance together while a black kaleidoscopic pattern turns behind them. As it changes to red, they sit on a chair together. She sits on the chair and reaches towards him while he’s on the floor, looking up at her.

She continues to dance in her black dress.

Rating: 2/5

Tara Kemp puts the blush on her daughter’s face. She adjusts the strap of her daughter’s costume and asks her to shake her head. Noticing a tendril out of place, she gets out the hairspray and shields her daughter’s face. Her daughter nods as she tells her to watch her turns.

Her daughter was the talented one. She had shown her videos of her dance recitals as a child. Her daughter asked her to put them and she would practice the moves. She enrolled her daughter in classes after researching the schools in the areas.

She wanted to compete as teenager. However, she could barely lift her leg over her body. She quit after being failing an audition at her dance school. Her parents had inquired why, stating that perhaps they didn’t make enough money for her to qualify. She told them to stop it and quit in the middle of the year. She no longer cared.

While sitting with her husband in the audience, she watches her daughter’s solo performance through her fingers. Her husband says she’s doing well. During the team competition, she shakes her head as one of the girls misses a turn. She whispers to her husband that she hopes the judges missed it.

Her daughter wins a third place trophy for her solo competition. She claps for her daughter but seethes to her husband that she deserved first place. As they walk backstage, she outlines the flaws of other dances and says the first place winner must know somebody. They congratulate her backstage. Her husband gives her flowers and she says they’ll go out for dinner. Her daughter smiles and says she knows where to put it in her room.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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