Video Review: Boyz II Men “I’ll Make Love To You”

Duane (Duane Martin) tells his crew they did a good job. He tells the young woman, “Miss Sparks, you’re perfectly safe now.” She responds with “actually, I feel very safe.” He suggest showing her how the security system works.  She thanks him and offers him something to drink. He explains that he would like to stay but he has several jobs “to attend to.” He says “maybe another time?” She looks down and says okay. He gives her his business card, saying “if you ever need me, for the system that is, just give me a call.” She nods and answers “okay.”

Boyz II Men walk into the foyer. They lean against the white-painted columns around the house.

Duane stands in his study and thinks as he looks at his books.

Boyz II Men sing outside her gate.

Duane gets out his notebook and pen. He begins to write at his desk.

Boyz II Men lean against the wall in the family room. They sit in the kitchen.

Wearing a bathrobe, she drinks some wine in the kitchen. He tears up a couple of pages out of his notebook and throws them.

Boyz II Men sing on the staircase.

She takes a bath and holds his business card. He opens the Boyz II Men “II” album and places the CD in the player. He takes out the booklet and begins copying the lyrics on a piece of paper. She puts a towel around her body and blows out a candle.

He puts the letter in the envelope and kisses it. She picks up her security system and looks at her door. She opens the door and picks up the letter. She sits on the couch and reads it.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman calls up Duane and says she read his letter. She tells him the Boyz II Men lyrics were a great touch. He says he couldn’t find the right words to say. She says she wants to be with him. He suggests a couple of days to get together. She says Saturday is ok with her.

As they dance, she rests her head on his shoulder and he kisses her hair. He says he could stay this way forever. She lifts up her head and smiles at him. During dinner, he puts her hand on her thigh as he eats. She rubs his leg. He gestures for the check as she cuddles next to him.

At her home, they sleep together. He strokes hair as they lie in together bed. She says she doesn’t want it to be one-time affair. He gives her a kiss and asks her what she wants to do during the week. She says maybe see a movie. He says they’ll do that. She picks her up from his chest and says it feels right between them. He tells her he meant every word he said.

Six months later, she accepts his marriage proposal while on vacation with him in the Bahamas. Her family says they’ve been waiting for it since they met him. His parents welcome him into the family. He says he promised her in the beginning, he wasn’t going to leave. She throws her arms around him and gives him a hug.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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