Video Review: Jake Miller “Wait For You”

Jake Miller sits on a white chair in his home. Plants grow in their containers in the corners. Vases with flowers sit on end tables and the floor. The flowers and his navy blue shirt melt.

The image blurs to a woman with a red heart in the middle of her lips. She opens the door of her birdcage and watches the butterflies land on the flowers.

Lit in red, he sits on a chair with a snake around his neck. He taps his foot on the checkered floor.

Lit in aqua and hot pink, he stands by a payphone and makes a call.

Lit in rusted orange, several young women dance by some squares.

As the light flashes, Miller stands against a royal blue background.

The young women brush their feet across the floor as the light rotates to royal blue. A pair of headphones hang in the air, nearly melted.

Three versions of Miller sit in pink plastic chairs. Two garbage cans burn on the left and right side of the office.

Lit in blue, the young woman stands with the snake around her neck.

Against a ruby red background, he puts on his headphones.

He continues to sit in the room with the flowers and plants.

Rating: 2/5

She should be over soon. Jake Miller arranges the flowers again on the table. The young woman hasn’t been feeling well lately. She wasn’t used to going out and had too many drinks. In a text, she had told him she loved him and wanted to be with him. He couldn’t respond, though. It would only send her further back into herself.

The young woman puts her hand over her mouth as she sees the flowers. She says she doesn’t know if she has the space in her apartment. He asks her if she’s better. She flops down on the couch, a rose in hand, and tells him her stomachache is pretty much gone. He flips through the photos of the movies on his television. She points and says she hasn’t seen it yet. He presses the button and she rests her head on his shoulder.

As he helps her load her car with flowers, she asks him if he received a text from her last night. He says he wasn’t sure. She tells him she might’ve forgot to press send or something. He closes the door and asks what it was about. She shrugs and says it wasn’t anything important. They stand close together for a few moments and she stares into his eyes. She says she has to go. He waves to her as she pulls out of the driveway.

Director: Edgar Esteves Year: 2019

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