Video Review: Nina Sky & Jabba “Move Ya Body”

At the club, Jabba smiles as Natalie and Nicole clap to the music.

Lit in electric blue, Jabba texts on his phone as he leans against the  counter. Natalie checks her phone.

Natalie and Nicole dance by a white, multi-colored buttoned wall.

Natalie and Nicole perform on stage. Lit in hunter green, Jabba glances around the club. He follows Natalie into a room. Nicole dances with a tattooed guy. He watches the group of men play poker at the table. Lit in electric blue, he places some money on the table and smiles.

The DJ spins the record off to the side of the stage. Two men dance on stage. Nicole and Natalie talk with Jabba. Jabba dances with them.

Rating: 2/5

Natalie counts the money in her hand. Jabba asks her where got it. She tells him there’s an underground poker game that goes on in the club and she can take him there. Natalie directs him to the host and says he has to have the buy-in in order to play. Jabba wants to know if it’s legal. Natalie shrugs and says the FBI hasn’t found them yet.

Jabba tells her he doesn’t have enough. Natalie says both she and Nicole can cover him. Natalie gives her money to the host and says he can take a seat the table. She says she has to go perform but she’ll be back later. The men at the table eye Jabba and continue to talk as though he wasn’t there. He wins two games.

Natalie sips her drink and asks how he’s doing. He says he doesn’t have to work for a couple of months. Natalie tells him “good job.” He pays her back and gets up from his chair. The men ask him to stay. He says he has to leave. They say they hope to see him again. Jabba asks Natalie about the next game. She says he’ll have to talk to the host and she’ll put his name on the list.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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