Video Review: Kodak Black “Calling My Spirit”

Kodak Black walks to his red chair in his study

He puts on his sunglasses as he dances against a charcoal background.

Several women, in black lingerie, stand together against a slate background. Royal blue smoke swirls in the center. Two women press their foreheads together.

Black sits in his chair with his cat beside him. The cat licks its lips.

In jail, a guard pats down an inmate.

The young women in black lingerie stand next to him in his study. They lean against the wooden wall, their fingers poking into the holes.

One young woman stands against a pewter background while her body becomes smoke. Black smoke emits from a golden hookah. Black stands against the pewter background with a white, starry aura around his body. A clock ticks.

Black dances in the hallway as the light streams through the holes from the wooden wall. They appear by the wall and become smoke.

A cloud of black smoke travels the bottom of the floor inside the jail. The women appear and open the cells.

Black takes a book from the shelf and flips through it. He reads a book in his chair.

Rating: 3/5

Kodak Black jots down notes as he reads his spell book. He listens to a tape and practices the language written in the book. His pronunciation has been off lately. While messing up a word during a spell, a grandma had answered and smacked him over the head with her purse. She told him to not to mess with world order. He believed she was lying in a hospital bed somewhere.

He sits in a circle and asks for the natural elements to release their power. He asks for his spirits to come forward and reveal themselves. Several young women appear in the room. They ask what he requires of them. He says he needs some innocent prisoners released. A debate begins between them. Two women say it’s not up to them to determine justice. However, most of the women agree with Black, saying the court system is broken. The jailbreak could cause reform in return.

While online, he reads a jailbreak has occurred in a Los Angeles prison. The state troopers were searching for them. The newspapers were discovering their convictions had been forced upon by them by coerced confessions. Some didn’t even commit the crime.  A guilty plea had been their best option.

Black prays to his spirits and asks them to materialize for him. They appear and give him the side-eye. One of the young women says they do not perform errands. He says he wants to talk to them. A second young woman sits beside him and asks him what’s wrong. He says he feels nothing. They say they are here for him.

Director: TJ Randall Year: 2018


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